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Default Re: The Move Tutor [Opening Discount!]

Pokemon you wish to teach the Move: Spinarak
Move you wish to teach: Swords Dance
Reasons which support your Pokemon learning the chosen move:
Swords Dance

As you scroll through the many different Pokemon listed you see that not everyone has a sword thing in which they can use. But specifically, when you look at the Pokemon who learn it by leveling up, they all have swords type things. Yet Raticate doesn't fit into the mix, seeing as all it has is it's teeth.
So if he can use his teeth, Spinarak could use his jaw, right. Especially if there are several different pokemon who have absolutely nothing to use as a sword who can still learn the move. (Like the oddish family.)

To boost my case even more, I draw attention to Spinarak's evolution Ariados.

His back has attachments that resembles swords. As you can see above.

And his animation, shows us that he could move them around as needed in a dance.
So they could be used to preform Sword Dance.