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Default Re: SLC vs Jesse

Round Two


[La Tormenta] Fraxure (M)

HP: 95%
Energy: 94%
Condition: This is quite funny
Moves: Swords Dance ~ Swords Dance

Jokester Jesse

Skitty (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 96%
Condition: Smouldering with anger; Taunted (two more actions)
Moves: Double Edge ~ Copycat

La Tormenta wanted to start beating his opponent into some sort of pulp, but his trainer seemed to think that it would be better for him to spend his time building up strength so that when he did start hitting her it would hurt a hell of a lot more. Taking the blood-stained blade from his mouth, he tried out a few slashes and feints before launching himself into a fast-paced routine of blinding attacks and lightning-quick defences. The dance slowed to a halt and the dragon returned the knife to his mouth, feeling blood pump through his muscles. He was stronger than before now, and he wanted blood.

Skitty wasn’t able to hold herself back from resorting to violence though. Her anger made it impossible to listen to reason – logic was being drowned out by a single-minded obsession with hurting La Tormenta in any way possible. In fact, the urge to maim was so strong that she didn’t even care about her own safety anymore. She ran at the Fraxure, leaving a trail of gold energy behind as she went. The grass tickled her nose but she didn’t mind; nothing mattered but beating her tormenter. She leapt at the dragon and rammed into his chest, knocking him to the ground. He wheezed. She had knocked the breath out of his lungs and now he was struggling to get it back in again. He glared at the prancing cat – he was hungry for blood.

However, his trainer still didn’t want him to attack, so he had to take out his anger on the air once again as he began a second dance. His heart pumped, sending blood to the muscles which powered the body. These muscles seemed to be growing stronger with every passing minute. The Fraxure roared, feeling the surge of power flow through him. He knew that the time was coming when he would be unleashed upon his foe was coming and didn’t doubt his trainer’s plan. His bloodlust would be fulfilled in time – he just had to be patient.

Skitty saw that whatever La Tormenta was doing seemed to be increasing his power. She knew that a power boost was just what she needed. Luckily, she had been taking mental notes of everything he had done and was now ready to copy his every move. She started the routine, trying to suppress the urge to leap at the dragon and give him another beating. Her focus slipped and she tripped over her tail. She groaned. There was too much anger built up inside her for her to settle for anything other than violence. She lay on the grass, allowing the anger to subside; it was replaced by a complete lack of motivation. Nothing seemed to be worth the effort anymore; she just wanted to lay down and give up.


[La Tormenta] Fraxure (M)

HP: 80%
Energy: 88%
Condition: Ready to unleash the storm; +4 Attack


Skitty (F)

HP: 95%
Energy: 75%
Condition: Losing interest in the battle

Swords Dance- (Fraxure -3% Energy, +2 Attack)
Double Edge- (Skitty -18% Energy, -5% HP; Fraxure -15% HP)
Swords Dance- (Fraxure -3% Energy, +2 Attack)
Copycat- (Fails, Taunt is in effect; Skitty -3% Energy)

Arena Notes

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