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Looking for a Sig and Avi to go with my musical tastes, hah.

Size: [Default; 400x150]

-Text: RIP Chuck Schuldiner, The father of Death Metal, 1967-2001
-Avatar: Can I get one to go along with the sig?
-Other: Well, I'd like the band logo to be behind the picture of Chuck, and maybe some sort of abstract background with what looks like spirits or something. You can of course change the color of the band logo or simply invert the colors so that it shows up better than just black. I was thinking red and white would look cool

It would be even cooler if you could use that effect so that chuck only has two colors, red and white or something, but I don't think you'll understand what I'm trying to say because I'm not even sure how I could explain it.

Credit to JJ (Jokester Jesse)

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