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Unhappy Re: 5th Gen PMD

Originally Posted by Jessu View Post
Oh my goodness, the PMD storylines make me cry HARD. They're so well put together and the character development and attachments are amazing. I can't decide which one got to me more though. xD They're very similar, but also very different.

And I think if they made a PMD for the 3DS they'd make it in the style that they did for the Wii version that never left Japan, where it's all in 3D. :3
I cry too. I cry from both 3rd and 4th gen PMD, and Fire Emblems, mainly FE7. I didn't think the PMD2 would make me cry as much, if at all. I was wrong... It made me cry MORE. I still play both MD1 and MD2.

They made that? I didn't even know that! It wouldn't be bad on the Wii, since there's not much advantage to having it portable anyways. Plus, with the Wii, you can attatch a keyboard for those pesky rescue codes!

But I voted no because a series that good has to come to an end, and I actually highly doubt there will be a 5th generation one. Nobody has ANY idea how excited I was for the first PMD to come out. Like, there was more excitement in PMD for me than for Brawl, American DS Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon for the world's biggest Marth fan (which I ended up not liking close to as much as any of the others, due to primitive gameplay and awful graphics for the DS...), or even the release of Diamond and Pearl. I'm just happy that the games were so good. I loved the Shadow Pokemon games a lot too. My best Pokemon are in my first file Colosseum with maximum play hours. However, I know it's not coming back. I really hope my friend goes to Mega Media Exchange to buff my XD disk, because I can't use the punch card for the game shop within walking distance ever since it closed. R.I.P. Game Crazy. ...And if the disk doesn't buff, R.I.P. Level 60 MYSTRY Mew.

EDIT: Oh no! I lied. My strongest are my Lv 100 starters in PMD Blue!

If you want me to rescue you in PMD1, just ask. There is nothing a Lv. 100 Flareon and Meganium cannot do.

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