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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by Elbub View Post
[Darkness] Umbreon (F)
Signature Move: Unholy Rites
Description: Darkness is highly thankful that she was lucky enough to become a denizen of the dark. So, at any time during the battle, she lies down flat on the ground, with her head facing skywards, as if to pray to the unnamed Dark Deity that may be listening. If she manages to catch the attention of this Dark Deity, it grants her unusual and powerful black magic to channel against her opponent in an offering to it. With the black magic flowing through her body, she releases a jet black ray, addling with the body and mind of the victim. The Dark Deity, now appeased with it's offering, will refuse to grant this power again.
Type: Dark | Accuracy: 75% | Base Power: 130 | Energy Modifier: 8
Effects: None
Usage Gap: Once per Battle.

We still use it as an example. And I still want it on my darling Darkness.

Speaking of which, I might also look into investing in getting my Dragon-Dancing Chomp back...
Well broski, seeing as how we use it as our own example it would be kind of hypocritical *not* to approve it.
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