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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post

Layola the Liligant [F]
Ability: Own Tempo
Signature Move: Gypsy Dance
Description: Layola was always some sort of dancer, using her sweet scenting flower to allure targets so they would dance with her. This isn't a romantic tango however; this was a skillfull close quarters fight. By using her lovely scented flower on her head, Layola entices her opponent, gender does not matter, and moves in close to begin the 'dance', Layola leading the dance so that she is aware of what is going on while up close and personal with her opponent. For the next few actions, both Pokemon are restricted to using physical attacks, and Layola may be able to, instead of using a commanded action, completely dodge the attack her opponent is trying to hit her with. However if another Pokemon that Layola isn't dancing with tries to cut in, she'll be forced to withdraw from the dance, and effects immediately stop.
Type: Grass
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 5
-Causes a 'Follow Me' effect on Layola and target. Layola must attack her target for the next four actions, target must attack Layola for the next four actions.
-Only physical moves may be used by both Layola and target when using attacking moves. Double Team may not be used by either Pokemon while under this effect.
-Layola has a 15% chance of avoiding an attack completely instead of using an action she was given. Energy used to make a complete dodge is equal the the energy needed for the opponent to make the attack that she is dodging.
-Effect ends if under PAR/CONF/SLEEP status and can't be used while under any of these status effects.
-In Double/Triple/Multi battles, if Layola is hit by an attack from a Pokemon other than the one affected by this move, the effect immediately ends.
-All multiple target damaging attacks used by both sides fail if in a Double/Triple/Multi battle. Exception being moves such as Surf or Earthquake that hit everyone but the user.
Usage Gap: Two round recharge after use.
Approved (2/2). Go and dance like nobody's watching.
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