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Now they had a problem. The ghastly remnants of the Froslass's words still echoed in her ears along with the buzzing in her head. Mienfoo shivered once all traces of the ghost where gone, and Ivy held him tight.

She didn't want to fight the Hitmonlee, but she was wary of what would happen if they didn't. They had to be close to reaching the Froslass, but, depending on how many warriors were still running around, that could take a long time. The buzzing in her head reminded her of what could happen if this didn't work out. She didn't really want to be a vegetable.

The Hitmonlee opened his eyes, and they were coated with a misty blue, just like she thought they would be. She faced him squarely, trying to see what was left of the original Pokémon in there. She couldn't really tell without probing his mind, but that might stir him. So far he had just stayed still. Was it possible for the wild Pokémon to fight the ghost's hold on them?

“I don't want to fight,” she said slowly. “If we can defeat the ghost, the hold she has on all these Pokémon will probably break. I think we should get to her as fast as we can.” Haji nodded beside her, still tense, waiting for the fighting Pokémon to move. Mienfoo was still in her arms. “I'll fight if I have to.”

She could maybe break the mind stuff Froslass was using if they had to battle, but it made the most sense to her to go straight to the source. However, she wouldn't let this Pokémon suffer if the ghost tried to make him fight. She nodded to Chainy, prepared to go, but also prepared to fight.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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