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Default Re: MoonKit vs. Gmanidddy

Round Four


[AoiAki] Oshawott (M)

HP: 34%
Energy: 49%
Condition: Hanging in there; +2 Critical Levels
Moves: Switch (Cleffa) ~ Sing


[Mr Munch] Munchlax (M)

HP: 85%
Energy: 10%
Condition: Just about ready to throw in the towel
Moves: Chill ~ Chill

Since he had done such a good job in the last three rounds, MoonKit decided that it was time to give her Oshawott some rest while one of his teammates finished off the battle. There was a whooshing noise as he was pulled back into his poké ball and then an eerie silence descended on the arena. The only two audible noises were the sound of water lapping against the rocks and that of a panting Munchlax. Then Moonkit tossed a second poké ball onto the rocks. There was a flash of light while the energy was released, taking the form of a small star. The light faded away to reveal a pink Cleffa standing on the rock, her face fixed in a frown. The two pokémon watched each other, sizing up their new opponents. Mr Munch was already tired enough from his battle with AoiAki – a new opponent was the last thing he needed.

He knew that he wouldn’t be any use to his trainer in his present state, so he decided to take a break for a while before having a go at breaking down his foe. Clearing his mind of all worries and doubts, he sat down and closed his eyes, forgetting the world around him. A light breeze kept him cool while he focused on the sound of water against rock. He felt his tiredness begin to drain away, but it wasn’t quite enough. He’d need a little more rest before being able to continue the fight.

As her opponent seemed to like resting so much, Fairy, the Cleffa, decided that she’d allow him to have a little snooze while she did what she needed to win the battle. She began to sing a quiet lullaby, doing a little dance for emphasis. Mr Munch turned his head to watch her for a while before rolling over to get some more rest. It seemed to him that she was trying to get him to go to sleep, which was a ridiculous idea. As much as his species loved sleeping, there was no way he would even consider it during a battle. Besides, the rules had clearly stated that no pokémon was to fall asleep under any circumstances. So instead of sleeping, he merely continued to rest. He had already recovered a good deal of energy – maybe it would be enough for him to start going back on the offensive in the next round. Meanwhile, Fairy watched him angrily. Her plan had failed and she had wasted valuable time. She hoped that her trainer would give her the chance to make up for it soon.


[Fairy] Cleffa (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 96%
Condition: Desperate to redeem herself


[Mr Munch] Munchlax (M)

HP: 85%
Energy: 22%
Condition: Feeling better after his rest

Switch- (Oshawott switched for Cleffa)
Chill- (Munchlax +6% Energy)
Sing- (Fails, no Sleep inducing moves are allowed; Cleffa -4% Energy)
Chill- (Munchlax +6% Energy)

Arena Notes

Team Notes
2 pokémon remaining
AoiAki: 34% HP, 49% Energy
1 pokémon remaining