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Default Re: Man gives up $800,000 for school district

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Firstly, maybe inner-city schools, but not suburban since most schools (private and public) are federally funded, and that money comes from property tax.
The point is that schools aren't funded enough by the federal government. There has been documentaries on this stuff for quite a while now. I don't think it's a secret or even debatable that funding of schools shouldn't come from advertising.

I'll take your word for suburban schools, since I haven't been to one since like 2006.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
The education system holds smart kids behind, trying to catch up the stupid kids, which is unfair. Germany is different because it has three different schools for three different intellectual levels.
At the same time, there is the argument that treating kids unequally is exactly what shouldn't be encouraged. Studies have shown that teachers who "found" some kid bright isn't necessarily so, but will become a self-fulfilling prophecy as the teacher spends more time on the kid over others. It's a fascinating concept to say the least.

Armed with this knowledge, you can see how a 3-tier system would become disastrous as kids would have their fate pretty much sealed early in their life. That would be disastrous. I don't claim that the American system is superior, nor do I claim that the German system is superior. I do, however, claim that it isn't as great as you think it would be. On the positive end, if we somehow raise the overall quality of education by all accounts, it can only benefit everyone.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Education is not supposed to be "fun", and teachers need to get back more authority from overprotective parents or whiny students.
Education should be fun. We know that memory works better when you link it to things that are concrete. "Being fun" in itself is a tool for such a function as well. To be very frank, there are concepts in education that kids tend to dislike, such as mathematics and sciences, that would fare so much better if it was fun. Think about it. You like the arts because you use words like "fun", "rewarding" and "gratifying" to describe it. Make it that way for education! We may have "suffered" through the bad, doesn't mean others after us should either.

This has nothing to do with overprotective parents or whiny students at all, if you think about the idea of education and fun.

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