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Default Re: Halloween RP Event

Okay, guys, the event has officially started!

Feel free to put up your threads now, Rangers. Try to get them up as soon as possible. We want to give our Trainers as much time as they need. While the event is on for basically two months, some people need extra time because of school, etc, so let's help them out best we can.

Remember to keep track of what room your Trainer is in and how many rooms they've been through. This includes the first room of the path, the last room, and any multiple visits through a room.

Be a little generous on the quality, but but sure to remind them to keep to the 500 minimum if necessary. The goal is to get through these quickly. They're not capturing, so they don't need super good posts.

And if you want a easier way to keep track of who's posted, you can always sub to the threads or mention each other.

If you need any examples of how to start your threads, my three (Bee, Chainy, Ebail) are up on BMG, so go ahead and look at those. The first one should be sort of like an introduction. Also check out the xmas event run if you need more ideas.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know. Happy navigating ^^


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