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Default Re: Dubstep vs. Drum 'n' Bass

Drum n' bass all the way. If we're gonna get specific, I'd say liquid funk is probably the best sub-genre. Producers are staying incredible, whether it's bigger producers like the guys over at Hospital records, or the less well-known artists like Memro. Liquid funk is pretty unique in the way that you want to get up and dance to it, yet it can be relaxing in a way.

Personally, I don't really like the path dubstep has gone down. I like the stuff that's more relaxed, but still has a darker feel to it; that's what real dubstep is to me, not massive wobbling basslines that actually just sound like noise and not much else. Don't get me wrong, there are still some good mainstream tracks that get released every now and then, but nowadays I tend to like the vocals and not much else. I like the vocals in Sunlight by Modestep, but not much else about it to be honest.

Older Skream tracks, like Colourful and Midnight Request Line, are really good examples of what I like in dubstep. Plastician's stuff too. More recently, I've found Blackmill and he's amazing as well.

also your examples of dubstep are terrible lol
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