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Name-Max0596(You can call me Cody if you wish.)


Rating-T~M for a few little bits.
Decscription- The plot follows Sara, a young Flareon in Team Amber.
Notes- My first Story!
Status: Done

Name-Ambersand Interactive
Rating-Could be anything, really. It is an IA after all.
Description-You make the story!
Notes-My first IA.
Status: Died, but gave a newfound intrest in IA's.

Ambersand Rewind
Remake of Ambersand.
Rating: Toned down, so I'd say T.
Description: The true story of Sara.
Notes: Much better than the original.
Status: In Progress

Rating: E
Description: Who said everyone wants to be a trainer?
Notes: May be continued, but my days are very busy.
Status: On Hold

Rating: T
Description: Sequel to Ambersand, follows an eevee youth named Rukino.
Notes: N/A
Status: In Progress

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