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Default Re: Tyrannosaurus Vs Tsuna



Ability: Iron Barbs
Health: 83%
Energy: 80%
Moves: Iron Head~Iron Head


Ability: Rock Head
Health: 82%
Energy: 82%
Moves: Counter~Fire Fang

Although Rhyhorn was still faster than the spiky metal ball, he was instructed to wait. His body began to glow a deep red as he waited, hoping that his opponent would choose a strong move. It would certainly backfire in her when he pummeled her into the dust…
Ferroseed was a bit confused by her foe’s actions, but began her move nonetheless. She paced around the stadium, picking up speed as she wandered. The tip of her head began to glow a brilliant white as she increased her momentum. Finally deeming that she had enough power, the steel pokemon went to hit her opponent. She floated across the stadium, pointing her huge head at her opponent. When she got close, she began to pick up speed. In a split second, she rammed into her foe, causing serious damage. Rhyhorn bellowed in pain; her heavy steel body was harder than his stone armor. Luckily for him, he knew that his next move would be even stronger…
(-9% Health, -10% Energy)
Rhyhorn’s red aura grew larger as he charged his opponent. The power from her previous move was stored inside the aura, and it grew larger with every step. When he was almost at Ferroseed, he decided to try something he had never tried before. He leaped into the air, only making it about a foot of the ground. However, this ended up working to his advantage; the trajectory of the jump made him land on Ferroseed, crushing the poor steel type with the power of her own move. She could not speak; trapped under the huge rhino’s body, she simply sat and waited.
(-18% Health, -6% Energy)
When Rhyhorn got off of her, Ferroseed looked quite dazed. However, she was not yet down for the count! She began her aimless wandering yet again, picking up speed even faster than before. The spikes on her “head” began to glow again, but it seemed as though everyone had already gotten used to this. When she had sufficient speed, she began her course straight at Rhyhorn. He didn’t look too worried; it appeared as though he already knew exactly how much it would hurt, and he had quite frankly gotten used to it. She hit him with her usual force; it hurt, but he was not as startled as in previous times.
(-9% Health, -10% Energy)
Rhyhorn was happy to have a new move, unlike his move-spamming opponent. He opened his gaping mouth, concentrating on his huge sharp teeth. He thought of flames, fire and pain, until his teeth began to glow. They were dull at first, but eventually worked their way up to a vibrant red, flames actually spouting from them. He began to run, galloping straight towards Ferroseed. She whimpered quietly; her number one weakness was fire. Closing her eyes, she awaited her fate. With a satisfying crunch, Rhyhorn impaled his teeth into her body, imbedding flames into her metal armor. They lingered there; it seemed as though they would cause her damage at every turn. What luck.
(-17% Health, -15% Energy, Burned.



Ability: Iron Barbs
Health: 44%
Energy: 60%
Mood: This sucks. ATK-2


Ability: Rock Head
Health: 64%
Energy: 61%
Mood: Tired, but happier than Ferroseed. ATK+2

Referee Notes
Iron Head’s accuracy roll was 93, with 1-100 hitting.
Iron Head’s flinch roll was 6, with 1-3 flinching.
Counter needs no roll.
Iron Head’s accuracy roll was 41, with 1-100 hitting.
Iron Head’s flinch roll was 9, with 1-3 flinching.
Fire Fang’s accuracy roll was 45, with 1-95 hitting.
Fire Fang’s flinch roll was 3, with 1 flinching.
Fire Fang’s burn roll was 1, with 1 burning.
Tsuna, your moves please?

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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