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Default Re: Lord Fedora vs. Saraibre Ryu


Lord Fedora

Ability: Natural Cure
Health: 100%
Energy: 89%
Moves: Tailwind~Return

Saraibre Ryu

Ability: Blaze
Sig Move: Flare Blaze
Health: 100%
Energy: 94%
Moves: Hone Claws~Counter

Asharas, seeming not a bit intimidated by a petty cotton shield, began a move of her own. It would seriously aid her battle against this freaky bird, and calm he inner nerves.She began to sharpen his claws, wiping them against one another. They began to glow a brilliant white as they grew to massive sizes, making Asharas just look more intimidating. When the glow ended, she slashed the air, testing them out. Finding them to be perfect, she sat back down. This was going to be interesting.
(-4% Energy, +1 ACC, +1 ATK)
Athena wasn’t exactly impressed with her foe’s last move. Her Cotton Guard had done way more, and it would take more than some claws to tear it down. Beginning her move would be hard; it took a lot of power. However, after that it would be easy. She began to move her wings around, making sure they would hold her up even with less fluff. Nodding in approval, she began to pump out huge gusts of wind, creating a whirlwind behind her. It grew larger and larger until giant puffs of pure air pushed her towards her foe. She struggled to stay up, but quickly got the hang of it. Her speed had seriously increased; it would be hard for Asharas to keep up with her newfound power. She giggled; this was a good start.
(-4% Energy, for 3 rounds SPD+3.)
Athena’s speed allowed her to move again, before Asharas could even begin to argue. Her move was one that she loved, because of her love for her trainer. It would hurt really badly, as in their short time Lord Fedora and Athena had already developed a close bond. She rose up on her new whirlwind, getting higher and higher. When she reached her peak, she came down with a fiendish intensity, wings dragging along. Her beak was pointed straight at the fire type, who didn’t look too ecstatic about what was about to happen to her. An unpleasant pink aura covered her as she dove, pounding into Asharas. She cried in pain, but it appeared that it was merely from reflex; the attack had not done anything compared to what she had expected. Although this would be good for her health, she was not too sure if his move would fare too well after this. Athena seemed a bit confused; all her love had barely scratched her foe? This was going to be a tougher battle then she thought…
(-6% Health, 14% Energy)
Asharas, although she hated to admit it, was pretty amazed at what her opponent had done. However, she could do much better. Her entire body lit up with a harsh red aura, which retained all the damage she had taken from the Return. Flexing her now huge claws, Asharas ran up to Athena. She took a giant leap, and for a single second stood high above the little bird pokemon. Turning in midair, she began to come down, slashing her monstrous claws. Athena could only whimper as she crashed into her feeble body, causing serious pain. It was double of what she had just done to her; that was how the move worked. She hoped her trainer had a good plan, because if it went on like this she would never be able to win…
(-12% Health, -4% Energy)

Lord Fedora

Ability: Natural Cure
Health: 88%
Energy: 71%
Mood: Meh, okay. SPD+3, DEF+3

Saraibre Ryu

Ability: Blaze
Sig Move: Flare Blaze
Health: 94%
Energy: 86%
Mood: Okay. +2 ATK, +1 ACC, +1 SPD

Referee Notes
Two rolls. Still pretty much in heaven.
Return’s accuracy roll was 45, with 1-100 hitting.
Counter’s accuracy roll was 91, with 1-100 hitting.
Saraibre Ryu, your moves please! :D

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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