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Default Re: Annoucements

This event has already occured. Sorry!


It's September!
We are glad to inform you that there will be many exciting things happening this month.

We are having several activities this month.

We will be having two giveaways~
These will be taking place during the live events listed below.
All you have to do is show up to win.
HOWEVER! Keep in mind that you can only win ONE of the TWO giveaways. So choose wisely. o.o

Live Events
We will be having two different live events, we hope are exciting.
We are no longer using AIM but will be using IRC.
This will make it easy for us to chat, as you just click and pick a name.

Live Auction
The first live event we will have will be a live auction.
It is pretty much self explanatory. You bid for pokemon that are put up for auction.
But with a theme of "ASB Moderator's favorite ASB legal Pokémon."
It will most likely be some interesting picks.
This event will take place September 10th, 8pm, EST (GMT -4) and be hosted by Dino.

Our second live event will be a quiz.
Questions will be asked by an ASB staff person, and you have to answer it. The quickest will get a point.
The points are tallied, and can be used to get prizes at the end.
This event will take place September 24th, 8am, EST (GMT -4) and be hosted by 3m0d0ll.

Forum Event
Aside from the two live events there will also be a forum event.
This event will be a interesting writing contest. It should be up soon so look out for it.

Sadly that is the end. But we hope you enjoy the exciting events we have planned and anticipate exciting ones in the near future.
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