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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Rhyhorn ()
Ability: Rock Head
Sig Move: Ravage
Rhyhorn realises his power is really strong and can crush anything easily. Each time he falls down, the ground shakes for a short period of time. That makes him curious about what is under the ground that causes shakes when he falls. Rhyhorn know Earthquake will not answer his question. In that case, Rhyhorn wants to bring everything under the ground to the surface. He tries to slam the ground. He tries again and again. And finally he decides to jump and slam his feet to the ground brutally, and it causes destruction to the ground and produces a shock to the ground. Waves of earth spikes are created to ring the him in all directions. Rhyhorn still doesn't see anything but rock and soil. After he know how to Dig, he tries to dig the ground and finds nothing under the ground except another ground. He gives up at it. But he know knows how to create waves of earth spike.
Type: Ground | BP: 90 | Accuracy: 100
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 10
Effects: Rhydon jumps and slams the ground, creating waves of earth spike to ring him. Blowing everything under the ground to be thrown out and confuses them (status: CONFUSE). Everyone on the field including friends (excluding himself) are damaged. Any Pokemon under the ground when this move is used are thrown out to the surface and receive 1.5 of its original damage.
Usage Gap: Once per Round.

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