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Eishiba and Talim stood next to each other. Eishiba turned to Talim and said, "Your not going to make me battle alone are you?" Talim shook her head and pulled out her only pokeball and threw it into the arena. Eishiba threw his out just after her. Azurill erupted from its pokeball. It turned to see its partner, Squirtle standing by it. The two masked trainers across the field threw pokeballs out to meet the two already waiting. One was a small green pokemon with a bulb on its back. The other was another green pokemon with a leaf on its head and small seeds on its neck. The two trainers called out, "Alright Bulbasaur and Chikorita! This should be easy! Just a few grass moves and we should win!"

Talim said, "We can't win...they have grass types. This isn't fair."

Eishiba didn't like the looks of this. Both of the grass types across the field looked ready to rumble and well trained. "We have to think of some kind of strategy."

The first trainer gave his attack. "Bulbasaur use tackle! Tackle that Azurill!"

Before Talim could give an attack, the Bulbasaur charge into Azurill hard, sending it flying back. Eishiba tried to act fast. "Squirtle, tackle the Bulbasaur!"

Squirtle made the same attack and knocked the Bulbasaur back. Azurill stood up and Talim called out, "Quick use Bubble on Bulbasaur!" Azurill used bubble, sending a small stream of bubbles at Bulbasaur but Bulbasaur shook the move off. "Water isn't going to do much to these two." Eishiba said.

The second trainer called out, "Chikorita razor leaf!" Chikorita sent out dozens of small leaves with razor sharp edges. They hurled themselves at both Squirtle and Azurill. The leaves were so strong it knocked both pokemon back. Azurill cried out as the leaves cut into its blubbery skin. Squirtle stood up slowly. Eishiba called out, "Tackle Chikorita!" Squirtle ran at Chikorita but before it even got close, two vines wrapped themselves around Squirtle, holding it fast. Squirtle couldn't move. The Bulbasaur had used its vines to catch Squirtle. The vines lifted Squirtle into the air. "Try a Bubble attack!" Eishiba attempted. Squirtle sent out a flurry of bubbles. They were stronger than the ones Azurill had made but still had very little effect. Both trainers called out, "Razor Leaf!" While Bulbasaur suspended Squirtle in the air, both pokemon sent out a flurry of razor edged leaves. A countless number of leaves soared at Squirtle. The tiny turtle pokemon cried out as the leaves had a very heavy effect. Eishiba watched as his Squirtle was helpless. "Squirtle!" Eishiba cried out.

Suddenly the vines released Squirtle and the razor leaf attack from Bulbasaur stopped. Eishiba watched as Bulbasaur fell to the ground with a massive thud. He also saw Azurill standing on top of Bulbasaur. Talim gave a shout saying, "Azurill just used Body Slam!" Chikorita was commanded for a razor leaf attack on Azurill. As the leaves rushed at Azurill, it used its tail to bounce itself into the air, up and over the attack. It came down with a belly flop and crashed down on Chikorita. Both grass pokemon lay perfectly still. Eishiba gave Talim a high five and said, "You saved my Squirtle and won the match!" Talim smiled and rushed to her Azurill which came running to her. She picked it up and hugged it tight. Eishiba walked to his Squirtle which was laying on the ground trying to catch its breath. The cuts from the leaves had caused Squirtle to bleed. Eishiba reached into his pocket and pulled out a Potion and said, "I'm going to spray this on you. It should make you feel better after a while." He sprayed the potion on Squirtle as it started to squirm as the potion burned. "You will be fine." Eishiba called his Squirtle back as the two trainers walked over and said, "With battle strength like that, you two can handle anything." Talim called her Azurill back as the two trainers moved to the side and allowed them to enter the cave. Eishiba looked at her and said, "Are you ready to go on?"

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