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Default Re: Individual RP: SammyTheKidney (Lakes)

“Hey, kiddo! There's a Magikarp over there” said the ranger while pointing at the small red fish, who watched in an almost tranced way ”Do you wanna battle it? They're pretty good for a beginner,” she said, turning toward the Trainer.

A lot of people laughed at them, but they evolved into a very powerful sea creature if given enough care, one that was sure to be useful if this Trainer was into battling at all. It wouldn't put up too much of a fight either, so it was good practice for Park battling.

“Sure” said Sam “ I don’t really see, why people ignore those little critters so much, after all if given enough care, they can become really dependable fierce monsters” said Sam, while giving a faint smile.

“Hey, ‘Brina!” Said Sam, with a friendly tone “Come here, we got a job to do! First things first. Take it out of the water, ’Brina!” The brown Pokémon than raised its hand, and it became to flash in many colors, and then a pinkish aura involved the red fish."Well, maybe we can throw it in the ground,to weaken it a bit,after all,sooner or later,we'll have to do it"

Then, the brown critter quickly moved his hands in order to throw the little red fish on the ground,and make it weaker.
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