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Default Tsuna's Signature - Type Variant Gym [closed]

"Bedazzle me with your masterful performance!"


By: Gizamimi-Pichu @ Deviantart


Gym Information

Gym Theme: Pokemon Types and Signature Moves
Gym Name: The Signature - Type Variant Gym
Gym Badge: Grace Elegance
Gym Status: CLOSED


My Pokemon Team

Ghost / Ice / Bug
Psychic / Water / Rock
Fighting / Ground / Electric
Grass / Steel / Dark
Flying / Fire / Dragon (R)
Normal & Poison


Le Battle Rules

- DQ : 2 Days
- No Chills
- No Held Items
- No OHKO Moves
- No Direct Recovery Moves
- 3 x 1v1 Single Battle (Opponent picks Types)
- I send Pokemon first, Opponent moves first.


Special Notes & Gym Requirements

- Same Type vs Same Type Battles
Ex. Opponents picks Fire, Fighting and Electric.

Battle would play out as Fire Vs Fire, Fighting Vs Fighting, Electric Vs Electric

- Zangoose & Seviper will always battle together.

- Thus, if the opponent picks Poison type, Normal type is added in by default.

- It then becomes a 2v2 Doubles, but considered as 1 Type only.

- Challenger must have had at least 5 battles (W/L/D).

- At least 1 participating Pokemon from the Opponent's side must have a Signature Move.


Gym Arena


Paired with Jaye l My Family l Wifi League

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