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Default Re: EXHIBITION: NEW! Safari Zone

[-] Mewtwo (G)
Ability: Pressure
Health: 81
Energy: 78
Status: Seeded
Moomoo Milk~Low Sweep~Psystrike~Ultra Ball

Skymin (G)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 69
Energy: 79
Status: Paralyzed
Growth~Energy Ball~Air Slash~Leaf Storm

Being Mewtwo’s trainer, you know when even the powerful Legendary is beginning to reach its limits. Although your PokÚDex shows that Mewtwo’s Health and Energy are certainly at acceptable levels, you of course, are not one to take chances and risk the embarrassment of losing to a mere Skymin within the Legendary Zone. You reach into your trust bag and whip out a glass bottle, which has its lid covered by a purple cloth. Inside the bottle is a white liquid, known to many as Moo Moo Milk. You rip the binding rubber band off the cloth, exposing its contents to the air before quickly tossing the open bottle to Mewtwo. While normally, this would be a terrible idea, the bottle suddenly stops mid-ascent, as Mewtwo uses its telekinesis to levitate the bottle. The bottle floats over to Mewtwo, who mentally extracts the liquid before pouring it into its mouth. The milk restores a good portion of Mewtwo’s health and energy, and quickly the bottle drops softly in the flowers below.

Seeing that Mewtwo decided to go on the defensive, Skymin decided to follow suit. Skymin closed its eyes, hoping to tap into a similar power to that of the earlier Synthesis. Standing still once again, Skymin wished upon the power of the sun above, and its flowers began to glow a bright green in response. The flowers appeared to be drawing in energy from the sun as they slowly began to grow in size. Skymin had a brief glow as well, as it began to defy the Law of Conservation of Mass and grow in size. It felt more powerful as it grew, ready to take on the world.

[-] Mewtwo (G)
Ability: Pressure
Health: 80
Energy: 72

Skymin (G)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 46
Energy: 66
Status: Captured!

Mewtwo drinks the Moomoo Milk: +10 health, +10 energy
Skymin uses Growth: +1 Atk, SpAtk. Costs 4 energy
Mewtwo uses Low Sweep: Deals 6 damage. Costs 9 energy. Skymin Spd-1
Skymin's Paralysis ends. Skymin uses Energy Ball: Deals 11 damage. Costs 6 energy.
Mewtwo uses Psystrike: Deals 17 damage. Costs 7 energy.
Skymin uses Air Slash: Miss! (roll 99) Costs 5 energy.
Capture attempt: Success!

The capture roll was 4, where anything less than 50 would result in a capture.

What will you do?
> Move on (0 Safari Points)
> Use Item (1 Safari Point)
> Leave the Zone (All Safari Points)

Item x 2 + Attack x 2: 4 Safari Points

You have 21 points remaining.
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