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Default Re: [SU]Pokemon Realix Academy[SU]

Name: Lyla Emony

Age: 17

Gender: Female


History: Lyla grew up in Eterna City as a young girl. Her mother was a Pokemon Breeder and her father an archaeologist. Her father would tell her fantastic tales as a child about many of the Sinnoh legends and various other legends of the Pokemon World. Lyla was fascinated by these stories her father would tell her. This made her into a very whimsical child and loved to read fairy tales. She spent a great time reading many books her father had in his own personal study about the myths and legends of all the regions throughout the Pokemon World. Her mother was also a piano teacher who taught the neighborhood kids how to play. Lyla of course was one of her students and she excelled greatly in music. She learned to play the flute, piano, and guitar. Soon she began to take a great interest in singing. This lead to her spending endless nights working really hard to improve her singing. This was strange in the eyes of all the other children. While they were off playing with their new Pokemon, Lyla was singing in her room to her own songs she had written. Soon enough Lyla landed an audition in Jubilife City at 13. She became a pop sensation. She toured all over the Sinnoh region performing her five songs she had written herself. But she wanted to continue but soon her fans began to fade away and she was left with nothing. She was crushed as her dream did not succeed. She then was back home at 15. She entered a state of great depression in which she would never leave the house for anything, her parents worried very much for her but they got an idea. They sent her to Sandgem Town to meet with Prof. Rowan. She met with the esteemed professor and he knew with one look that Lyla was meant to live a happy life full of Pokemon. So he gave her a Piplup. Her very first Pokemon. This brought the flame back into Lyla's eyes she was happy once again. She was out of her depression. Lyla being a natural performer soon took a great interest into Pokemon Contests. She started her journey and competed in a few contests here and there. On her journey she came upon meeting her best friend Justin Metrix. He had joined an evil organization to take revenge on the world that had caused him so much pain. Lyla talked to him and convinced him out of a life of evil. She and Justin began to travel and she helped him see the true beauty in the world. Lyla wanted to become top coordinator so she applied for the Realix Academy and was accepted. She greatly urged Justin to apply and he also was accepted. This is Lyla's second year now at the Realix Academy.

Personality: Lyla may seem like just another pretty face but there is much more to her than that. She is an intelligent girl who has a big heart, she is a hopeless romantic deep down inside. She never backs down from a challenge, even when the odds are clearly not on her side. She has a short temper and practically no patience what so ever. She can be very over dramatic at times and may take things too seriously. She may come off a bit rude at first but after she gets to know you she will play nice. Lyla has her moments of being conceited but she tries to put other before herself. She has a very big imagination which can get her into trouble when she day dreams in class. She seems to have her head in the clouds a lot but can be serious when need be. She is also very curious if there is a secret she hears about she will try to find out what it is. That doesn't mean she can't keep a secret though. She is a very trustworthy person. She likes to help people even though she may not be good at it. She definitely is a clumsy and has no sense of direction. So she easily gets lost. Lyla also tends to sleep in and be late. She cares quite a lot about her appearance and she may over do it every now and then. She also may say the wrong things and accidentally hurt someone's feelings but her intentions are usually always good.

Neo the Piplup (M)

Quilos the Cyndaquil (M)

Heart the Togekiss (M)

Trainer: Veteran

Trainer Type: Coordinator

Other: Lyla will usually have Neo out of his pokemon or Quilos

Name: Justin Metrix

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Personality: Justin is a shy and quiet young man. He prefers to keep to himself and doesn't do well when talking to others. He seems to put this wall up of anger and disdain for other people to keep them out from his inner self. He puts on this act of being a mean guy, but on the inside he is truly nice. He has a poetic heart and loves nature. He has major trouble when it comes to expressing and showing his feelings to others. He is extremely short tempered and is angered by even the smallest of things. He is very stubborn and cold. He doesn't let anyone into his personal world because he is afraid of being abandoned and he only trusts one person and that is his best friend Lyla. He will resort to violence easily if angered and seems to hold grudges. He is usually calm and poised. He is humble and quiet.
History: Justin lived with his two parents. His mother and father were both a part of a criminal syndicate in Unova. Justin was never shown any love or affection as a child which is what made him into the cold person he is now. His parents soon became the top of the criminal syndicate and left Justin all alone at 12 to fend for himself. He traveled far and wide until he met Prof. Juniper. She gave him his first Pokemon, Snivy. He adored that Snivy and treated her like a princess. He took very good care of it but trained it to be a very tough fighter. Justin won many battles by training his Snivy to use vicious tactics which left his opponents Pokemon very brutally injured. He was soon know far and wide as a Pokemon Trainer you didn't want to mess with. Just then left Unova and went to Sinnoh. There he joined a criminal syndicate and gained his other two Pokemon. They were both killers at heart. Justin and his Pokemon team grew very close. He was bound to get revenge on the world that caused him pain, that is he was. Until the day he met Lyla. She opened his eyes to such a beautiful world of love, nature and friendship. He then quit the criminal life and became a better person. Although not he is still scarred for life, he is doing much better. He accompanied Lyla to the Realix Academy so he could better himself. He has been there for one year and is entering his second year.

Lash the Gabite (M)

Ivy the Servine (F)

Iris the Glaceon (F)

Trainer: Veteran

Trainer Type: Trainer

Other: None
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