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Default Re: [SU]Pokemon Realix Academy[SU]

Name: Ryan Flynn

Age: 14

Gender: Male

History: Ryan was born to a middle class family in Lilycove City. He studied a lot on Pokemon behavior and feeding and quickly rose to the top of his school. When he heard about Realix Acadamy, he knew that he wanted to attend. After working at the local department store for monthes, he finally had enough money to go to the school. However, his scores in Training allowed him to attend at a scholarship. Although he is younger than most of the others, his over-preparing personality allows him to do just fine in school. His Pokemon have been his friends all his life; when his uncle had passed away, they had been given to him.

Personality: Ryan's a giant nerd, who is also extremely stubborn. Although he is nice one on one, he gets easily freaked out in crowds. This fear of large amounts of people means that he works better independently than in groups. He is kind and overprotective to people he knows, but is shy around strangers. Ryan also hates breaking rules, which is why he isn't the most fun to be with around the classroom.

Pokemon Team:

Brio the Male Breloom

Burst the Male Flareon

Cick the Male Ninjask


Student: New

Trainer Type: Trainer

Other: Nope.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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