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Default Re: Lord Fedora vs. Bobandbill

Round Two

Lord Fedora

[Artillery] Magby (M)

HP: 57%
Energy: 64%
Condition: Whimpering; -1 Attack; Will flinch next action
Moves: Chill ~ Flare Blitz

[Sparkle] Lileep (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 90%
Condition: Ready to help next time; -1 Attack, +2 Speed
Moves: Solar Beam ~ Solar Beam/Sunny Day


[Pants] Shinx (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 90%
Condition: Eager to continue
Moves: Fire Fang ~ Protect/Thunder Fang

[Raltsey] Ralts (F)
HP: 52%
Energy: 83%
Condition: Ready to get some more revenge
Moves: Pain Split ~ Psychic

With Magby out of it for the beginning of the round, Sparkle knew that she’d have to cope with both of the opponents on her own. Fortunately, she had a plan with which she could deal a reasonable amount of damage to both of them. She felt the sun’s heat and light on her back and began to store up the energy she was getting from it in her flower. A ball of glowing, white energy began to form, shining like a beacon. Once there was enough energy for the attack to work, the ancient flower focused it into a beam, which she then fired at Raltsey. The psychic-type squealed as she soared backwards through the air and hit the stadium’s wall. She sagged to the ground, but her anger was still very much intact.

However, she would have to bottle it up for the time being since her ally was quicker than her and so would move first. Pants ran towards Sparkle with a mouth full of fire. The flames were difficult to control since he wasn’t used to using them but he managed to keep a tight rein on them. He tore towards the stationary plant with all the speed he could muster, then ran straight past her. He stopped running, skidding along the dirt instead, and looked back. Sparkle hadn’t moved an inch. The flames faded away and Pants realised that it was too late to have another go. He kicked the dirt angrily and growled before settling down to watch his partner make her move.

Raltsey was feeling pretty sore by now. She raised her head slowly to avoid worsening the headache she had. Despite the pain, she wanted to go on; she had to get her own back on her opponents. Fortunately, she already knew a way to do so. She began to focus on her pain, drawing as much of it as she could into a glowing ball of white. A strand of the white shot out and attached itself to Sparkle’s stem. The shiny fossil felt it but didn’t react, knowing that it would be useless. Raltsey’s pain shot through her like bullets and rendered her temporarily immobilised – not that she moved much anyway. Raltsey grinned; she felt a little better now.

Since his partner seemed to be doing better than he was, Pants decided that he should focus on defence for a while to give himself some time to recover from his failure in the last action. A blue dome flickered into existence around him. He smiled weakly, knowing that he was safe behind his shield.

Artillery was still confident though. He thought that the shield couldn’t truly be impenetrable and that, with the right amount of power, he’d be able to break through it. Fortunately, his attack was a powerful one; he was sure that his plan would work. He charged at the smirking Shinx. Flames began to cover his body, giving him a flickering, orange aura. The burning baby ran towards the shield with a bellow pouring from his mouth. Pants reinforced the shield with as much energy as he could before the opponent struck struck. Artillery collided with the curved wall, grinding into it but not getting anywhere.

While Pants was focused on defending against her teammate, Sparkle decided that she would take advantage and try to attack from behind. She began absorbing energy from the sun like she had done before. A sphere of glowing energy appeared inside the Lileep’s flower, illuminating her shaded face. As soon as a sufficient amount of energy had been collected, the ancient pokémon reformed the orb as a beam, which she used to attack Pant’s exposed side. The Shinx somehow sensed the oncoming danger and managed to reinforce the part of the dome protecting him from the second attack as well. The three pokémon were locked in what seemed to be an unwinnable contest, but then Artillery fell to the ground – his energy was spent for now. Sparkle decided to give up shortly after that, knowing full well that any hope of breaching the shield was now long gone. Pants took a sigh of relief and let the wall drop. He had thought for a moment that they would break through.

The fun wasn’t over yet though. Raltsey reached out with her mind, feeling the minds of those around her. She quickly found Artillery’s and forced her way in. The Magby stiffened and a line of blue spread around the outline of his body. Raltsey took a breath before continuing; she didn’t need to rush herself. Then the Magby began to levitate, wobbling slightly as he rose. If you looked closely enough, you could see the panic in his eyes. When he had gotten to six-feet above the ground, Raltsey flung his as hard and fast as she could into the screen. It broke, sending a cascade of broken glass down on one side of the battlefield. Artillery dropped, hitting the ground just clear of the shards of glass. He groaned as he rolled over in the dirt. His mind had been weakened by the attack, meaning that it would be easier for Raltsey to try something like that again. He clutched his head and then fell back to the ground. He wasn’t looking forward to the next round very much. Nor was I for that matter.

Lord Fedora

[Artillery] Magby (M)

HP: 43%
Energy: 38%
Condition: Getting a migraine; -1 Attack, -1 Special Defence

[Sparkle] Lileep (F)
HP: 59%
Energy: 54%
Condition: Doing all right; -1 Attack, +2 Speed


[Pants] Shinx (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 67%
Condition: Relieved

[Raltsey] Ralts (F)
HP: 59%
Energy: 61%
Condition: Not too bad

Chill- (Magby flinches)
Solar Beam- (Lileep -18% Energy; Ralts -35% HP)
Fire Fang- (Rolled 100/100, 95 or less to hit; Shinx -15% Energy)
Pain Split- (Ralts -9 Energy, +42% HP; Lileep -41% HP)
Protect- (Shinx -6% Energy)
Flare Blitz- (Rolled 10/10, 1 to burn; Magby -26% Energy; blocked by Protect)
Solar Beam- (Lileep -18% Energy; blocked by Protect)
Psychic- (Rolled 1/10, 1 for stat drop; Ralts -13% Energy; Magby -14% HP, -1 Special Defence)

Arena Notes
This place is beginning to look like a war-zone

bobandbill will send his moves first

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