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Default Re: [SU]Pokemon Realix Academy[SU]

Hmm, this reminds me of Hyo's Falcior Academy, and Illusionary Truth has slowed down quite a bit...

Name: Michelle Toya
Age: 17
Gender: Female
History: Michelle was born to a wealthy family in Nimbasa in Unova, the younger of two children, but she didn't exactly live the charmed life. Her parents rarely ever payed attention to Michelle or her older brother, who practically raised her and taught her how to live the life of a wealthy family's publically perfect daughter. The two tended to stick together in spite the fact her brother, Hiro, was three years older than she was, meaning she spent most of her time with his friends, who quickly became her friends. Both were very intelligent, and with the money their parents had, they were shipped off to Realix Academy as soon as they were old enough. Her brother was the kind of guy who was friends with everyone, however, and it was his reputation that doomed her the moment he graduated. She quickly became the 'hot new thing' to have around and not really valued for her opinion or who she was.
Personality: Michelle is a quiet, very reserved little thing. In fact, about the only living things she talks to are her pokemon, maybe her teachers if she is called on in class, but otherwise she rarely ever says anything else because of how she's become more of a novelty to have around the popular crowd than anything else, and when she does speak to others, it often comes out overly polite and stiffly formal. However, of someone were actually try to befriend her, they would find she is very kindhearted and loyal though she can be a rather brutal battler, she's a very loving trainer. Very observant and intelligent, she's got a pretty sensible head on her shoulders that allows her to puzzle out most situations without much difficulty. The only problem with her is that she has almost come to completely hate people as a whole and now tries to stay as far as she possibly can from them. outside of class.
Pokemon Team:
Appearance: Michelle(Pic drawn by ME steal and I will personally hunt you down like an animal to the ends to the earth)
Michelle is the kind of girl everyone seems to enjoy calling their little sister, standing in at about 5' 4" and barely a hundred pounds soaking wet, lots of people think she's younger than she is. She's clearly Asian to some degree, with her almond-shaped eyes, though they're a misty green rather than the common brown, and her hair is a reddish brown that looks almost mahogany that hangs around her face in loose ringlets down to her shoulder blades while her skin has a slight tan to it. She is commonly found wearing various black t-shirts and tank tops under an army green denim button-up dress that she wears like a jacket, it looks like it was done in a more gothic lolita style, with a lace-up back and a slightly ruffled bottom and three-quarter sleeves that she rolls back to her elbows, it's usually buttoned up to just under her chest and comes down to her just above her knees. She also wears a pair of dark legging-style jeans with the knees ripped out and faded in places with army green high-top shoes over them. It can also be noted she wears a dark silver chain-link stlye necklace that has a charm that looks much like a cage in the shape of a heart on it. She often wears an expression of sadness or no expression at all.
Student: Veteran Student
Trainer Type: Trainer
Other: Her pokemon tend to act as her bodyguards--particularly Hook, who was given to her as a Sandile by her brother. Cam has taught her how to form mental connections to her pokemon, so it's a lot easier for her to understand them...though considering that they're pokemon, their thought processes aren't always very easy to understand. Oh--and Michelle is a girl of very, very many nicknames, most common are Miche, Miki, and Mimi(Mimi least common, only her brother and his friends use it; Miche preferred, but the popular circles gravitate to the "cute" one, Miki, so what people know her as may vary.)

Name: Celty Sturluson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
History: Celty was born to your average, slightly upper middle-class family in Floroama, Sinnoh. The only child in the family, she is her parent's pride and joy, but also her father's shame, as it is mostly his fault she is mute. One day when she was about six, her father left home to work at Fuego Ironworks, like always, however he had forgotten his lunch and called his wife, asking her to bring it to him, however Celty begged for the opportunity to prove she was a big girl and could take lunch to her daddy all by herself(with her mother's Empoleon's help to get there,of course). Her mother allowed her to make the trip, and everything went smoothly until she got inside the building. As she was walking towards the area of the building where her father worked with one of his friends that commonly visited their house escorting her, a machine broke with an almost explosive reaction, sending a bits of shrapnel flying across the room, and Celty was unlucky enough to catch a piece in the throat. Although the injury was not fatal, it pretty much assured that she no longer had a voice, not that Celty seemed to mind much--she adjusted to typing and writing out everything pretty quickly and was much more bothered by her father's extreme guilt over the subject. Eventually the years passed and Celty grew to become a kindhearted yet strong trainer with a string interest in becoming a coordinator, so at fourteen, Celty was enrolled in Realix Academy, a school she has loved and attended ever since.
Personality: Celty is a rather quiet but very intelligent girl, however she's only quiet because she kind of has no choice--she's mute. However she makes up for it with all her animated movements and use of a phone-like device, not to mention the fact she's just that easy to like. She isn't really outgoing, but if you talk to her, she's pretty easy to strike a conversation with so long as you're okay with the fact she has no voice, and likes being around friendly people who don't try to use her like a tool--she's too strong-willed and stubborn for that. She tends to have a brighter perspective on the world, and absolutely hates fighting/arguing, and will step into a conflict without a second thought, dragging Musei and Cain in with her to act as enforcement if someone makes the very, VERY BAD decision to try and hurt her. Because of her dislike for conflict, Celty has opted for life as a coordinator, and it is quite obvious that she absolutely adores her pokemon more than anything else in this world.
Pokemon Team:
Celty is slightly smaller than average for her age and lean-bodied, and is often deemed cute partly due to this, and partly because of the good-natured smile almost always present on her face that seems to light up her odd blue eyes. The scar on her neck, however, is often an attractor of stares and whispers, and she has taken to covering it up with a light winter scarf the a shade lighter than her eyes in color. Otherwise she wears a wide-necked black long sleeve shirt that's slightly bigger than is considered properly fitting with a pair of faded and sharpie-drawing covered jeans that are a little long so that they fall in folds around her black tennis shoes. She keeps her pokeballs stored in a belt that hangs off her side purposefully, along with a device that resembles a slider phone that she uses to communicate with other people, sometimes even her pokemon.
Student: Veteran Student
Trainer Type: Coodinator
Other: Celtyis mute, she rarely ever even bothers moving her lips, and often uses what looks very similar to a slider phone to communicate. In class, she uses a small white board tablet, and when ordering her pokemon in battles and contests, she uses her own improvised system of claps, hand motions, and word-mouthing. Oh--and if you value your life, you won't try to pick on her, Cain and Musei(who is as silent as his trainer) will relentlessly beat the creap out of you for doing so.

Name: Shinra Kishitani
Age: 18
Gender: Male
History: Shinra grew up in Floroama with Celty, as their parents were close friends, as their fathers worked together and his mother was the workplace medic at the ironworks. An only child himself and with parents who both worked, he often ended up at Celty's house and even though the girl was two years younger than him, became very good friends with her. They were pretty happy together, and Shinra enjoyed teaching her, adding to her intelligence early on. He was fascinated with his mother's work in the medical field, and was the first person to hear about Celty's accident and the fact she would no longer be able to speak outside of her family. When this happened, his mother made him secretly promise to take care of her because she knew that the cheerful little girl would now be the odd one out . Rather than being truly upset, Shinra brought himself into Celty's world to fulfill the promise he made his mother, sharing wordless conversations with her and trying to help improve her grammar and such, it was during this time that he fell in love with the girl he'd known for what felt like forever. When she decided to go to Realix, she invited him to come with her, and he agreed, as well as did his parents. He has been attending with her ever since.
Personality: Shinra is a pretty friendly, outgoing guy, which is kind of surprising considering he's a massive nerd. He loves science and discovering things to help others, even if the way isn't exactly He can't hold his own in a fistfight, but he'll jump in between one to get the fighters to stop...which has often broken his glasses and put him in the nurse's office to the point it's often joked about in their circle of friends that he might as well move in there. He has a crush on Celty Sturluson, his childhood friend, the size of the sun and will do literally anything for her. In spite of the multi-frontal attacks against him hanging too close to Celty, it seems he knows the mute girl better than anyone else, and can often tell what she's feeling from just looking at her. Did I mention he also has a slight dramatic streak? Because he does.
Pokemon Team:
Porygon-Female(Well, technically genderless, but it acts feminine)-Moggle
Appearance: Shinra* NOT MINE!
Shinra is tall and rather scrawny, you can tell he definately has more brains than brawn. He prefers a professional appearance, opting to wear a pair of black pants, a white button-up shirt with a black tie, and a lab coat over it all and probably enternally shiny, very nice black shoes. He also tends to carry a laptop and some notebooks around in a light brown messenger bag slung over one shoulder. Typically if you see him out of class without Celty, it can pretty much be assumed that something's wrong.
Student: Veteran Student
Trainer Type: Trainer
Other: He's good at dodging projectiles. XD

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