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Default Re: What's your HeartGold/SoulSilver team?

I just got this game, so yeah. I'm playing as a dude named Jaden. All 4 are OT/Jaden 05474. Beaten leaders through Morty.

Taylor/Quilava (F) Lv. 27 @ Everstone - Relaxed
Peyton/Flaafy (M) Lv. 27 @ Magnet - Timid
Cole/Togetic (M). Lv. 24 @ Soothe Bell - Impish
Ghosty/Gastly (M) Lv. 23 @ Oran Berry - whatever +Sdef -Spd is LOL
Kokiri/Eevee (M) Lv. 5 @ Power Bracer - Jolly

Kokiri's in Pearl right now EV training. After he learns Baton Pass, he will become a Leafeon, then be traded back to HG, which I might do beforehand since this boost in EXP is bothersome. I'm looking for someone with Platinum to tutor Kokiri Seed Bomb. I might also use a TM for Swords Dance because it helps to get it earlier. The rest are to be "berried down" later.

Team in future will probably look like this:
Typhlosion (D: but Quilava's my favorite Pokemon)
Togekiss (which will actually happen soon after Wish)
Lanturn? Tyrannitar?

If you want me to rescue you in PMD1, just ask. There is nothing a Lv. 100 Flareon and Meganium cannot do.
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