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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 4

The leaves rustled in the wind as Kevin made his way towards Violet City. The air was
cool and sweet and Kevin sighed happily as the breezed ruffled his hair. It was a perfect
day. As he walked amongst the trees he began thinking about his father. It was a very rare
occurence and always an exciting one when Lance came to visit. He would always fly in
on his most powerful pokemon, Dragonite and his mother would have tears in her eyes
and sheíd rush out to hug him. Kevin was always overcome with a sense of awe
whenever he saw his father. With his armour and fluttering cape and his shock of spiky
red hair, who wouldnít be impressed. I just hope I can be as awesome as him one day. But
itís gonna take time and effort. Training. Thatís what he should do. He realised that he
found a small lake, and he was standing on the deep brown earth that was the muddy
shore of the clear water. This looks like a good spot for some training.

"Come on out Totodile, you too Pidgey" he said, releasing his two pokemon from their

He told Totodile to do some laps of the sparkling lake and he got Pidgey to fly around at
top speed darting through the trees. He decided heíd go for a swim too so he pulled of his
shirt and kicked off his shoes. He braced himself and dived into the water. It was cold!
He swam to the bottom and he realligned himself before kicking off from the bottom.
There was a splash as he broke the surface, shaking his head, flicking water everywhere.
He joined Totodile and they began swimming laps. Kevin and his pokemon had swum
there for about 10 minutes until a noise got there attention. He looked to a bank near
where he had dumped his bag. He saw a leafy bush and out from behind had stepped a
girl. She was very pretty and looked to be about 14. She had long blue hair and was
wearing very tight jeans and a white top. Damn sheís fine.

"Hey sexy!" Kevin called as he waded through the water towards her. He walked up onto
the shore, a few feet away from her. "How long have you been watching me?"

"Ever since you got in! Iím impressed" she said smiling cheekily, looking him up and
down. "Your the son of the Dragon Trainer hey? So your... Kevin?"

"Yeh that's me" replied Kevin. "What's your name?"


"Care to join me!" he asked, licking his lips.

"Of course I will baby!" she said smiling. "But only if you give me a pokemon battle."

It was then Kevin noticed the pokeballs on her belt.

"Oh Iíll give you much more than that babe!" he said. She smiled at him. "OK youíre

By this time, Kevinís pokemon had come over to see what was going on. Pidgey was
perched on his shoulder and Totodile was at his side.

"One on one, okay?" she said. "Go Honey!" and she threw a pokeball onto the field.
From inside white light burst forth and took shape. A little bear with a crescent moon on
its forehead appeared, sucking its paw.

Kevin got out his pokedex:
<Teddiursa><Little Bear Pokemon>
<This little pokemon has a unique ability to find honey anywhere. When it gets close to
the honey the crescent mark on its head glows. It usually has its paw in its mouth as it is
soaked with honey>

"Sheís pretty cute!" said Kevin looking at the baby bear. He looked at Joanna and winked
"Just like you..."

Her ice blue eyes, sparkled and she smiled at him.

"I choose you Totodile!" said Kevin and Totodile walked up to face its opponent.

"OK Honey use your scratch attack!" yelled Joanna. Teddiursa ran up and swung at
Totodile, little claws extended. Totodile ducked under it. Teddiursa swung again and this
time Totodile grabbed its paw.

"Iím sorry babe, but youíll have to do better than that!" called Kevin. "Totodile use your
water gun!"

Teddiursa who was standing right in front of Totodile got the full blast of the gushing
water. Teddiursa was sent flying through the air.

"Honey, Rollout!" yelled Joanna. The little bear tucked into a ball while it was in the air
and landed with a bounce and started rolling towards Totodile. Totodile wasnít expecting
this and was taken out by the spinning Teddiursa. Totodile flopped to the ground eyes
spinning. It shook its head clear and jumped back to its feet. Teddiursa skidded through
the dirt and rolled towards Totodile for itís second attack.

"Jump Totodile!" called Kevin. Totodile leapt over the oncoming Teddiursa. "Now use
bite attack!" Totodile fell down on the moving Teddiursa, trying to bite it. However it
was spinning too fast and Totodile was flicked away, barging into Kevin. They fell in a
heap, Totodile down and out.

"Yey we did it!" yelled Joanna leaping in the air. Teddiursa ran over and jumped into
Joannas open arms. "Good job Honey!" said Joanna hugging her pokemon.

"Geez that was quick, Totodile return" said Kevin putting his pokemon away. He got to
his feet, brushing himself off.

"Return Honey" said Joanna.

"Okay Joanna" began Kevin smiling. "I kept up my end of the bargain so lets go for a

"Sure thing" she said and she pulled off her top. She then slowly, teasingly pulled off her
jeans. There she was in a dark blue bikini, revealing her perfectly tanned and curved
body. She then walked past him and into the water smiling slyly and beckoning him
towards her. Pidgey took off from his shoulder and perched in a nearby tree. He walked
down to the water and swam out to her. The waded out to the shallows so they could
stand on the bottom, only their torsoís above the water. He reached out and gently pulled
her towards him wrapping his arms around her. She put her hands on his bare chest.
Kevin brushed her cheek with a hand and kissed her. She kissed him back and he could
feel her tongue in his mouth, as it danced with his own. She smelled so good he thought.
They stopped kissing and she rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. He held
her for awhile, kissing her neck until he noticed on the shore, a little yellow pokemon
with big ears rummaging through his bag, scattering things everywhere.

"Hey get out of it!" yelled Kevin.

"What is it!" said Joanna startled, lifting her head from his shoulder.

"That pokemonís messing with my bag!" said Kevin angrily. "Pidgey go get it!"

Pidgey leapt from the branch and dived at the little yellow pokemon, who cried
"Peee-chu!" and used thundershock, sending a bright yellow bolt of electricity out from
its pink cheeks towards Pidgey. Itís eyes began spinning like it had been dazed.

"Pidgey watch out!" yelled Kevin who had now scrambled up to the shore pulling Joanna
by the hand. Pidgey swooped out of the way and dived down, knocking the pokemon
away from the bag. Kevin picked up his pokedex from the ground and pointed it at the

<Pichu><Tiny Mouse Pokemon>

<This tiny electric pokemon is just a baby so it has not yet perfected the ability of storing
electricity. Donít be fooled by this pokemonís cute appearance as it can even zap humans,
sometimes causing paralysis>

"Cool!" said Kevin. "Iím gonna catch it, Pokeball Go!" and he plucked a pokeball from
his belt and threw it at the Pichu who had just risen to its feet and was shaking its head.
The pokeball struck the Pichu and it flew open, sucking the pokemon inside. It snapped
shut and fell to the ground. It rocked one.....twice.....thrice......


"Yeah! Good job Pidgey!" said Kevin and he went over and picked up the pokeball and
clipped it to his belt. Pokemon number three...

"So, where were we" he said turning to see Joanna, who was finished pulling on jeans and
was now slipping on her top.

"What?" said Kevin annoyed. "You leaving already?"

"Sorry babe!" she said slinging her bag over her shoulder. "I have to get going, my
friends are probably wondering where Iíve gone."

Kevin smiled. "Get going then"

She walked over and kissed him. "Thanks for everything"

With one last dazzling smile she was gone.

"Well lets go! Return Pidgey!" and it was sucked into the pokeball by the red beam.
Kevin grabbed all his things, put them in his bag and strapped it to his back. All of a
sudden, Pichuís pokeball flew open on his belt and Pichu jumped out onto the ground,
looking a bit frazzled.

"Donít you like it in there?" asked Kevin. Pichu shook his head. "OK jump up!" and
Kevin held out his hand. Pichu looked at Kevinís hand, smiled, jumped into his palm and
climbed up onto his shoulder.

"Comfortable?" asked Kevin.

"Peechew Peechew!" he said smiling.

With a last look at the waterhole, Kevin trudged back under the cover of the forest.

"Hey I'm Kevin Sun by the way" said Kevin to his new pokemon. "And you know what Pichu,
if it weren't for you, I could have a hot chick on me, instead of a yellow fuzzball..."

Pichu zapped him, and then, a little dazed, laughed at Kevin. It's cute little voice
echoed through the forest.
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