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Default Re: [SU]Pokemon Realix Academy[SU]

Name: Royce Worthington
Age: 17
Gender: Male
History: Born to one of the richest families in the Kanto region Royce has had spoilt and luxurious upbringing. From the moment he could talk he would demand things from his parents and they would get it for him without fuss as they wanted him to have the lifestyle he was deserving of.
Royce has just about been to every upper class Pokemon Academy in all 5 regions but his parents always ended up feeling like the academies weren't worthy of their only childs brains, Realix Academy is the next on the list and Royce secretly wishes it will be the last as he is sick of being moved all over the regions while his parents stay at their estate back in Kanto.
Royce loves to put his pokemon on show and dreams of becoming a Master Co-ordinator and so hopes his time at Realix will be worth while.
Personality: Royce is what most lower and middle class citizens would refer to as a "Trust Fund Child". Basically a child that is set for life on their parents money and wont let anyone forget it.
Royce is stuck up, arrogant and wouldn't be caught dead socialising with anyone who doesnt come from a wealthy background like his, which is why he doesnt have many friends.
In spite of his attitude towards other people Royce loves his pokemon more than anything in the world, having all been handed to him by his parents from a young age they have been Royces only constant companions while he has been shipped around the regions.

Pokemon Team:
Emery-Cinccino (M)

Richie-Politoad (M)

Glacie-Snorunt (F)

Student: New
Trainer Type: Co-Ordinator
Other: none
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