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Default Re: We Love Music 3, Tríú Eagrán

Originally Posted by Pokemon_Ron View Post

everyone has their write to music.Honestly, I think Heavy Metal is the most copied genre out there. I've listened to basically every major genre out there, even some of the gloomier metals, and I find they copy each other, ALOT. They sound the same, basically.
Congratulations, you've scratched the surface and listened to a few tracks. However, I doubt you even know what you've listened to. Judging from your past posts, I'd venture a guess that it wasn't really metal. It was probably some of that mallcore hard rock that gets radio airplay. In that case I'll agree with you, that stuff does sound all the same.

I'm not gonna argue, cause I don't want this thread to be like the other WLM's where no one but TML could post any music without getting hated on.
Then even have the first part of this post?

If it's gonna be that way, you can done count me out on this thread. Not mad, just gets old after a while. Know what i mean? yerppp.
Responses in bold. Oh, and Heavy Metal isn't a genre--it's a subgenre of Metal. Think of it like an umbrella.
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