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Default Re: [SU]Pokemon Realix Academy[SU]

Mick: @Supremist Welcome aboard. Accepted. :)

Name: Perry Roberts

Age: 14

Gender: Male

History: Perry grew up in Johto. He was born and raised in Goldenrod City. He grew up with only a mother. His father died three months before Perry had been born. He started his journey just like any other trainer, he chose his starter as Chikorita. He traveled a little bit in Johto but was not improving very much as a trainer. This made all the other trainers picking on him. This lead to Perry getting into fights with the other kids. His mother got all types of complaints from many people. Perry's curiosity kept getting him into trouble everywhere he went. He would go into the forest and poke at a Beedrill and get attacked by the whole swarm. He would jump off a waterfall to see what it felt like. He did all sorts of crazy things that made him get off track of his trainer quest. So his mother decided to send him to Realix for him to grow up some and become a real trainer.

Personality: Perry is a wild child. He is hyper active and full of energy. He gets annoying very easily and is often yelled at. Perry is insensitive when he says things he isn't supposed to say, but he usually doesn't mean it. Perry has a lot of sarcastic sense humor. He likes to run around until he can't run anymore. He never gives up on a task and loves to play around. Perry likes to lay back and take a nap every once in a while. He is also a very hungry little guy. He follows people around to find out about them cause he is very curious. He loves to take challenges even though he knows he has a great chance of failure. He isn't easily scared and he is very gutsy and bold. He likes to hug people, even random people he doesn't know.

Pokemon Team:

Artemis (M) Ambipom

Loretta (F) Bayleaf

Darien (M) Drifblim


Student: New

Trainer Type: Trainer

Other: None
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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