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Default Re: How does one formulate an idea for a story?

Originally Posted by max0596 View Post
Yes, I guess I was too quick to jump on that idea. I too write only what I want to write, in school I had to write about my boring life. They wouldn't take early stages of Ambersand as assignments xD. Yeah, I kinda jumped to a conclusion there.
That is not to say that something cannot be a cliche idea. If your story is simply the same old knight busts into the castle and saves the princes, everybody will hate it. However, if you add some twists in it, some interesting characters, and maybe even a deeper plot, you will make an epic story.

All stories are compilations of different ideas. Some of those ideas do not have to belong to you.

Star Wars, for example. A New Hope, the original and first Star Wars movie, used the idea of the knight (Luke) busting into the castle (Death Star) to save the princess (Leia). Since the idea of it taking place in space with laser weapons, and an entire galactic war going on, it was a brand new type of story.

It really just comes down to the order you tell the story, and the amount of bells and whistles you put on it.

Read up on a very intelligent man named Carl Jung. This psychologist studied the several different archetypes and stereotypes of writing. He came the conclusion that no type of story is completely original, which is true. He says that, essentially, it all depends on the order of how it is told.

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Don't listen to two of our best writers! They're just being unoriginal! IT'S A TRA-
Leave Admiral Ackbar out of this! xD
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