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Question Is my Heart Gold...fake????

So I ordered Pokemon Heart Gold on, and I got it on September 6th. I have 19 hours on it, it's frozen 7 times in-game, and it can't soft reset. It doesn't slide in and out of my DS Lite as smoothly as my other games. I can link fine...except for the time that it froze in the Union Room. I've been wondering if this game was pirated somehow. I bought it used, and it came in a clear case with an indent for the game card. When I was taking it out, the card seemed like it was "opening" (like the side of it, I don't know how to explain this clearly enough, but it was as if it was being pryed open because the case was so tight) and I thought that could be why. Now I just think it is fake. My suspicions increased when I Google searched "heart gold freezes a lot." All of the results that came up were about problems with a ROM, and how this freezing was an integrated anti-piracy feature. I've heard of people who have Pokemon Quartz (a ROM hack) on a Game Pak. Possibly, could this person have put the downloaded ROM on a Game Card and sold it to me for $14.95? There were other copies of HGSS from different sellers with the same or a similar price. Also, the seller's rating was 95%. Is this normal for HeartGold? Is the video game damaged? Or was it illegally sold? I am thinking of contacting the seller. Please help me!

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