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Default Re: [SU]Pokemon Realix Academy[SU]

((Just a note: while this character may sound cracky and like a joke in every way possible, I am srious about RPing him.))

Name: Pho Shizzle (yes, real name)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

History: Pho grew up under the tutelage of his parents, who were both avid pokemon battlers and had won many contests all over Sinnoh. They wanted their son to be a trainer like him, so at an early age they showed him to to fight and battle and strategize with his pokemon. However, the rough life of a trainer didn't seem to suit Pho so well, and he was actually quite gentle with pokemon. When his parents found out that he wanted to be a breeder they were less than happy about it, but at the same time they knew how much it meant to him. They paid for his tuition at the school and he has been going there for a few years.

Personality: Pho is ridiculous, to put it lightly. It's hard to think that he can tak eanything seriously, when he acts as if he;s on stage all the time. With his melodramatic lines and expressive gestures to all of his statements, he looks more like a B-movie actor than an actual Breeder. However he is very loyal to his friends and absolutely adores pokemon, even if they try to kill him. One thing about him that tends to irritate most is his general denseness, but for some reason his friends find that endearing.

Don't piss him off though. His pokemon will do anything he asks them to.

Pokemon Team:

Pidgeot (Lap)M
Weedile (Bean)M
Metapod (Pizza)F

Appearance: Like this, but he wears a green scarf all the time. (Not my pic)

Student: Veteran

Trainer Type: Breeder

Other: (any other info we should know about)
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