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Unhappy Re: Is my Heart Gold...fake????

Yeah... If memory serves, the condition was "very good." Even though it was well-packaged, I actually ordered it twice, and the first seller told me that it damaged in the main and sent back to him in the mail with the game missing.

If it matters, another thing I forgot to mention is that sometimes, you know how the DS doesn't always recognize the game and says "No DS card inserted" or something like that? Well with Fool's Gold (that's what I decided to call it ), the space for the thumbnail and title are blank, but not faded out, so I can click on it. If I do, it takes me to a white screen, the same response as if I were to soft reset. How exciting!

EDIT: I just got out my DS mini-backpack and sorted through every game I have, comparing it to Fool's Gold. The first thing to catch my eye was how all the games had white letters and numbers on the microchip between the gray plastic grills on the back. Also, on Fool's Gold, the area by the sticker is not indented nearly enough.

Here's the last, and most important, missing detail to catch my eye.

My Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, sitting on the foot of my bed, catching light off of the window, had some shine to its "Official Nintendo Seal." I moved it around in this angle. I proceeded to do so with all of my games, including some regular GBA ones, which all reacted the same in the soft glow of a rainy day window. Then I got to HeartGold. The seal, barely lighter than the golden hue used as the base on the sticker, did not sport this healthy, real shine. That does it. I'm contacting the seller, NOW. Stupid pirate ! I bet that Chatot sitting on his shoulder is hacked, too. But I still need your help! Should I buy the game used, keep it, or where should I buy it? I'd prefer to buy the game used, because it's actually more expensive than B/W because of the Pokéwalker. Should I order it from a game store or where else? And are the Pokémon I traded to Pearl from HG considered "hacked?" Because I know that if your game has a single hacked Pokémon, traded or not, it's detected by something and your game is obselete to participate in special Nintendo events.

Aah... I don't want to start the game over. At least I only have 4 badges (I skipped over Chuck, like I did in old Johto days; I usually didn't go back to him because I could never find Strength in the café, but although that dude just slams into you and gives you the TM now, I did it for nostalgia). I got the traditional female Cyndaquil (and with a defensive nature too, but it did cut speed, which is bad) on the first attempt. The Togepi from the egg was a good nature... I hard-resetted for a Jolly Eevee, and its strongest IV was Attack... I know I can trade, but I liked those Pokémon, "real" or not. And...oh, I hate starting games over. At least I can get all 3 Johto starters without Pal Parking my beloved Colosseum ones, the only female breeder being Quilava (the very Quilava that started the female Quilava @ Everstone named Taylor trend). I can't Ditto the other 2 because I lost my beaten FR somewhere. It's in my house, though. Maybe I'll make a "Jaden" (my Trainer's name on Fool's Gold" Box on Pearl. Or I could call it "Fool's Gold." I don't know, but I've got to stop typing and get on Amazon.

If you want me to rescue you in PMD1, just ask. There is nothing a Lv. 100 Flareon and Meganium cannot do.

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