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Default Re: Signature, Avatar, and Drawing Showcase!

Originally Posted by Broderick View Post
I think the tag looks good, only two big things I see that could be changed; it should probably be a little bigger. I don't really think I'm getting a full view of the banner, like I am not sure if there is text on it. If so, I definitely can't read it. That, and I think the clip at the bottom you don't really need. Clipping masks are awesome, but in this case I think it takes away from the main picture a bit. Other than that I think it looks good, nice job.

I haven't made any graphics in a while, but here's one I put together:

Don't be overly harsh, but criticism is appreciated.

EDIT: Added a version with a different gradient map style. Any feedback?
Personally, I love the second one with the altered gradient maps. The first one seems a little too...bland for my tastes. Interesting colour combinations are the key to effective banners. Or one of the key points, anyway. xD

On the topic of colours, purple, pink and blue flow really nicely together, and you did a good job in this one. You used a clear light source, which is good; too many banners lack this. Still, the Staryu seems a little "pasted" on, to me. Maybe dry adding a shadow behind it for depth? I feel it needs to come forward.

I have a little issue with your text, though. And those black horizontal lines spanning above and below seem to detract from the overall banner. In fact, your eye seems to see that first, when really it should be the Staryu we are looking at. Simple white text might suffice better in this case, as there is really no other black within the image. White text would also create an asymmetrical balance with the light flowing from Staryu, as well. Or you could go with a light cream.

Once you're done with that text, try making the pixel border darker so it draws your eye inside the banner. A one-pixel black line works well. Or if you don't want to use black, I'd recommend a dark shade of purple. Just use the eyedropper to grab a colour from the darkest part of your banner.

Hope this helps you. n__n

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