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Default Re: Spark Damon-Zorua-Mountain

[-] Zorua (M)
Ability: Illusion
Health: 100
Energy: 100
Counter/Grass Knot

Tyranitar (M)
Ability: Sand Stream
Health: 100
Energy: 100

Tyranitar notices you just then, and as soon as he realizes that you’re in a battling position, he swings around, engaged in warrior mode. He lets out a fierce roar, and without warning, sand begins swirling around in a ridiculous frenzy of wind. All too soon it becomes difficult to see, although Tyranitar himself stands prominently on the battlefield. Zorua has his own tricks up his sleeve though. His eyes and body glow red. You blink against the harsh sands, and when your eyes open again, there are three Zorua standing there rather than one, all ready to kick some butt.

Zorua is faster than Tyranitar, he knows this, but his orders are to wait and see what Tyranitar does first. His patience is rewarded when Tyranitar comes bounding out of the clouds of sand and dust, mouth wide open in an obvious and highly telegraphed attack. The great brute brings his head down, and smashes directly into the leftmost Zorua. By sheer luck, of course, that was the real one all along. Zorua cries out in pain, as despite his natural type resistance to the attack, Tyranitar is still a physical powerhouse, while Zorua… isn’t. It works in Zorua’s favor, though, that it does so much damage. While still in Tyranitar’s mouth, his body glows red once again, this time a harsher crimson than before. He lets out another cry of pain, and a heavy red shockwave bursts off of his body, rending Tyranitar’s jaws apart and sending him stumbling back. Pain doesn’t mean much to a creature of stone and anger, but Tyranitar does know when he’s been seriously damaged, and from a scrawny little fox like that, that’s just not acceptable.

[-] Zorua (M)
Ability: Illusion
Health: 81
Energy: 91

Tyranitar (M)
Ability: Sand Stream
Health: 74
Energy: 96

Tyranitar uses Bite: Deals 13 damage. Costs 4 energy. No flinch. Clones dispelled (rolled 1/3)
Zorua uses Counter: Deals 26 damage. Costs 9 energy.
Sandstorm deals 6 damage to Zorua.

You have 28 Safari Points remaining.
What will you do?
>Use Item
> Leave Safari Zone
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