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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Roads. One of the single greatest innovations of all time-and lucky us, we had one to walk on. It was a short-lived experience through the Route 9 roadway, and one I paid very little attention to.

Save the gate. I memorized where that counter was. If it did go downhill, well, I thought it best to know. I put a lot of stock in those visions, ever since the battleship gun vision turned into a life-saving one. I looked at the back of my right hand, gloved. The star-like symbol wasn't there...yet.

As I walked out of the gate...One got the impression of walking into a place Archeologists would pay to rope off-limits for living. Many Archeologists must have cried their hearts out when they realized that Ocepulid was being repurposed as an actual city. I could name one hundred things familiar-looking that I had no clue about, not even slightly at the time. The only things modern-looking was an out-of-place building with a red roof, obviously made far more recently than these relics, and the tent that most people didn't even notice. A few did, though. Volteers? Obviously.

Karazin and Ohnal walked in, and it took no genius to say that if a non-Volteer did manage to notice the illusion, then the guard would simply make sure they didn't get inside. Clever.

My role was to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary: Alert Ohnal via the phone I had (Should have mentioned that sooner), and scout for signs of increased Onlisk activity. Or an Arbiter raid. Or something else that simply isn't good.

It would take hours for this just to go down, and my nerves were on edge the whole time. I almost panicked when I heard my phone ring, but managed to pick it up casually.

"Avalon, it's Ohnal. I've alerted Issac to Luvant's position...But there is Onlisk presence inside the tent. Storm, a Colonel, is with them. It's a little more than usual." Ohnal said. "They don't suspect anything, but they're clustered around Luvant." he added.

"Understood." I said, before hanging up.

Unlike before, time was moving at an antagonizing, sluggish rate. Seconds stretched into minutes, minutes seemed like hours, and my eyes darted to every spot where somebody could easily hide in. I was so focused on these spots, I forgot to check where I was heading. It would take no genius to say what happened after a while of this. I walked straight into another person, falling down. That was really, really stupid.

"Oh, sorry, wasn't really looking where I was going..." I said, looking at a girl with a massive ponytail, a pink dress, light brown skin, and pretty brown eyes. Yhea, I think we already know who I'm talking about.

"Oh, no problem, I wasn't looking where I was going either." Said the girl I rammed into. "I'm Iris, by the way."

"Uh-huh, I'm Avalon." I responded. "So...You live here?" I asked, attempting casual conversation.

"Yep! Oh, forgot something!" Confirmed Iris, before she shook her head. Something fell out of her hair...A Pikachu?

The Pikachu in question had blue cheeks and eyes, a three-tipped ear completely covered in metal, a kink in it's tail to represent it's gender, and a mace made up of three blades, perfectly sized for the electric mouse, blue. She seemed to be defiant of Iris'es friendly and girly personality, the way she handled herself saying 'Bada**' right off the bat. She seemed to have been sleeping in Irisís hair, and was obviously recovering from a rude awakening.

"I need a big favor, OK? I just found this Pikachu, but Pikachu aren't really native to Unova at all, you see? It's also really, really tough, but she's being too hard on me, and I'm not really sure how to raise it at all if it's so opposed to me..." said Iris, gesturing to the Pikachu, who glared at me and Iris, as if totally opposed to the thought of traveling with humans. "I don't want to leave her to the pound, or anything, but you're a trainer, right? You can look after her, right?"

I took a look directly at Iris's eyes, and then the Pikachu's standing beside her.

Iris was more than she appeared, as it turned out, but as per the Pikachu, she was being truthful. The Pikachu's name was Lesha, something Iris didnít come up with...And, albeit her plans were ultimately different from that of mine, Lesha would ally with me and Eon Sky, quite willingly...Not to mention that she'd be an asset to me later...

As if I needed that to seal the deal. Pikachu are cuter than the cutest thing you could imagine. They are the absolute pinnacle of ubercute. And Lesha was the pinnacle of Pikachu-standard ubercute, which is the ubercute of ubercute. And if you donít get that, Iíll leave it at this: Lesha was far too cute to resist taking off of Irisís hands.

"I'll take her. Gladly." I said.

"Thanks!" She said, reaching for the Pikachu, when it gave her a slight spark. She then kind of pushed it over to me. Then she threw over a Ultra Ball. I threw it at Lesha...And knew that the center of the ball wasn't supposed to turn red when it returned a pre-captured Pokemon.

"Why didn't it run away if you didn't actually capture it?" I queried.

"I dunno, really. It was just like that. I tried training it, but it must have just been following me around to annoy me out of it's territory, or something...I guess it fell asleep in my hair." Iris said.

Boom! The sound of a sniper rifle firing was evident and obvious, and what was easily known to me as Issac's shot tore straight through the tent, and panic and screams were heard from within. Whether Issac hit his target was another matter.

Karazin and Ohnal ran outside, and were with the first to leave. It was now apparent that Issac's lucky day was today, for the shot had hit perfectly, and Luvant was beyond all recovery.

After the first few waves of people, Storm and company made themselves known, and he saw me. Storm had dark blue eyes, navy hair, dark blue garments, light skin, was twenty-six, and seemed like somebody straight out of the middle ages, minus the fact that those garments were obviously the products of Volteerisim, considering that the white and light blue lining along the edges was glowing, and that there was several pieces of metal on him that were navy in color.

Knowing what Side Iris was on, and knowing that Storm and Iris knew me well, my first order of business was to let them know that I knew that they were out for my blood as well. Iris never knew what hit her, for she had been hit directly between the eyes with the handle of my blade, which I now named the Illicit Blessing, effectively knocking her out.

A kind of searing effect made itself known on the back of my right hand, and as I collected Lesha, I noticed the star-like symbol, dark indigo and glowing through my glove.

"GET HIM!" Storm yelled, above the panic and confusion of every other civilian. Before even one gun was out, I ran.

I also ran faster than Storm could have ever guessed. I wasn't half-Latries, but I was moving like I was, practically leaping over yards of brick road at a time. Unfortunately, the gate I had to make it to, despite being in sight distance, was still pretty far, and I found myself deflecting my first few bullets.

Turning around to get a check of surroundings, I saw the twin dragon building, exactly the same way I saw it in my vision. turning my head, I now hoped like all hell the doors wouldn't close, for I had no clue how to activate the star-blade in the vision.

Then they did. I tried opening them with metal-controlling powers, but the whole gate was plastic, very, very hard plastic. Turning around, the offensive was changing up, and soldiers were swapping guns for Pokemon.

"Come on, come on, come on! Come on, starblade! Starblade, where are you? Starblaze!"

I swapped out one letter, accidentally, a Ďdí for a Ďz,í totally accidentally, and Viola! One dark indigo blade from the marking of my hand, made of pure energy, decorated in stars, beyond all human comprehension-save for me. I comprehended it as my tool to get out of this mess, for I started cutting through the plastic, like it was simply nonexistent. It took three lacerations in the plastic to get inside, and I ducked under the counter, occupied by a woman.

I knocked said woman out, quite quickly, and took the gun I had on my person for quite some time. The first few soldiers came in, and found themselves without properly functioning brains within seconds. Thanks totally to a control of metal, there wasn't a recoil, there wasn't a wasted bullet, and there wasn't even need to aim. I quickly decided that I needed to get rid of that potential liability later, as I put two more holes in two more people's heads.

Meanwhile, I shoved all thoughts about killing people to the darkest corners of my mind. I hated it.

"Avalon, couldn't you just subdue them, or something?!" Latries yelled.

"Not really!" I thought back, as I shot several other people, and brought a few assault rifles to my aid.

Two more guards came in, and I fired the AR's, suspended in midair. I decided, from that day onward, to NEVER use assault rifles unless totally needed. I fired far too much, I barely controlled the bursts, and although I failed to miss some part of their bodies, there was more led in their bodies than their bodies, if you know what I mean.

Upon seeing Storm, he looked quite pissed off about the obvious KIA status of his men. I threw both of the AR's at his head, and with the boost of my metal control, the attack made him slam into a wall. However, he was concerned enough with the fallen just to reach down and grab one of the necklaces around the soldier's necks...Dog Tags.

Suddenly getting a wild idea, I yanked every last tag in the room onto my person. I wanted to know who I killed. Storm grew offended enough to attack, and I readied the Starblazer, ready to block the attack.

Storm's blade went right through the Starblazer, but in fact, his attack never landed because he did. His blade was halved the instant it went through, and the half that was closer to me fell to the ground, an embarrassingly short half-millimeter from my whole body.

Storm pulled out a rapier, and attempted the same thing as before-only this time, Storm's rapier did manage to make physical contact without it being eradicated. The strength Storm could put into his blade (what I had promptly named the 'Eye of the Typhoon') had quite some power in it, and I could see Storm's energy cackling all over it. The Starblazer was being pushed down, slipping through the table, and no matter how slowly, the Starblazer defied all laws of logic and physics by being able to go through it so slowly.

I decided quickly that two blades were better than one. I pulled out my other blade, and attempted attacking storm with it. Storm caught it between his fingers-his fingers, folks.

Then he threw me, over the counter, almost making contact with a wall. He let go, however, at the last second. Why? the Starblazer and the Illicit Blessing seemed to have fused. As the Starblazer was pure energy, this was more understandable than one could think.

The Illicit Blessing was now not only in an Arbit-burn status, considering it's total blackening, it now was coated in the same patterns the Starblazer was, and was cackling with my Paradox Lightning. That was basically everything I knew that could eliminate existance. Whether Storm was Arbit-Burned, simply surprised by the shock of the Paradox Lightning, or something else, I'll never know for sure, but to date I believe he was Arbit-Burned, for only Arbit-Burning could cause somebody to lose focus of everything but the burn.

I sheathed the blade-It wasn't needed now, Storm was too preoccupied with his hand. However, I didn't think twice about finishing it off. I grabbed Storm by the hips, and proceeded to throw him.

Now, before we go any further, this is NOT the bear hug of death throw. Knight's Assent didn't support that style.

I span, around and around and around, Storm's upper half flying around with me, and I took seven rotations when I flung storm directly upward. I jumped up to meet him in midair, and before he could react-his Arbit Burn was gone-I kicked him to the ground with the force of a fully-loaded freight train, knocking Storm beneath me, unconscious.

I smiled. Then I realized that gravity wasn't kicking in. A small revelation came to me-Latries'es ears. I started hearing Scyez for real when I had those ears on my head. It may have meant that Latries'es powers now carried over regardless of form-meaning flight and invisibility. Meanwhile, Storm showed a brief-but false-sign of being conscious, and out of fear I rammed into his chest with more force than I should have. I broke quite a few ribs, but out of decency, I checked his pulse. He lived.

After putting the dog tags in my pocket-which were prior to that, rudely arranged on my body-and ran out the other door, making another hole in the process.

Back on Route 9, I continued to run, and before Mario contacted me, I would have ran back to the riverside where the ship was.

<"Avalon, the Onlisk knows where you are! They've got you in sight!">

As he telepathed that, a sniper round came at my body. I deflected it, and flung it back at my attacker. It hit, considering the yell, and he tumbled to the ground, landing inches from me. The death of those around me was starting to bore me, but only very minimally. It horrified me still, and yet I still pushed it to the back of my mind...

<"Issac's still in the field, and I need you two to find another location so I can pick you up!"> Mario added.

<"Hell to Luvant! Hell to Luvant, the mother****ing b***ard he is!"> Issac celebrated, still quite cheery. He ran over towards me from the thicket, jumping on sturdy tree branches to make the trip shorter.

<"The Trains on Turbulence Bridge are your best bet! Get going!"> Ordered Mario.

I looked at Issac briefly-Holy s**t.

Issac had a grudge with Luvant, I knew that much. I also knew that Luvant raped somebody. For those that do not know, to be raped is to...Uhh...Red stands for girls, blue stands for boys, and to be raped is to forcibly make purple. I can't say the three letter word that crams that whole description together nicely, I decided to avoid that entirely. However, I looked into Issac's eyes, unintentionally. Next thing you know, I see myself with Issac's mother, recalling the story of how his father was Luvant Cin-the mother and poor victim of rape found herself pregnant after her incident. Issac was born, totally healthy and a Volteerist. However, ever since his mother recalled that story, he has totally and unyieldingly loathed the scumbag he had to call his dad...I had to feel sorry.

But I kept my face the same as I did before when it ended, and I was back where I should have been.

"Turbulence Bridge is this way, come on!" Issac said, starting to run with an obvious kinetic pulse increasing his running speed.

Another melody was to be heard, low and the same one as before...From that Melody chick, still in the forest...A melody of solace. Solace, something I may never find. I got over that quickly, and rushed to catch up.
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