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Default Re: 3m0d0ll - Hitmontop - Forest

[Akasimo] Hitmontop (M)
Ability: Technician
Health: 81
Energy: 85
Hi Jump Kick

Turtwig (M)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 75
Energy: 92

Akasimo smirked as he went back on the offensive, his knees bending for another assault. On a whim, he flipped over as he jumped, flying upside down as he was accustomed. He bent his leg back for another brutal kick, but unfortunately his whim turned against him before he could connect. In the middle of his flight, his pulled back leg hooked on a wayward tree branch that had gone unnoticed by him. This sent him completely off course and off-balance, and instead of kicking Turtwig, he went face first into a tree, sliding down it to land pointy-head down in the grass. Turtwig stared at this display, uncertain of what devious tactics his opponent was using on him, but then shrugged when it became apparent that nothing more was coming of it, and with no fanfare whatsoever ran forward and dive-tackled into Akasimo’s dazed body, driving him into the tree once more.

[Akasimo] Hitmontop (M)
Ability: Technician
Health: 60
Energy: 73

Turtwig (M)
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 75
Energy: 92

Hitmontop uses Hi Jump Kick: Attack misses (100/90). Hitmontop takes 14 damage. Costs 12 energy.
Turtwig uses Tackle: Deals 7 damage. Costs 10 energy.

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