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Default Re: Dino~Mamoswine~Mountains

[Grace] Mamoswine (F)
Ability: Snow Cloak
Health: 92
Energy: 95
Icicle Crash

Zweilous (M)
Ability: Hustle
Health: 77
Energy: 92
Status: Att+3, Acc-1

Grace lives up to her name fairly easily, despite her large frame. Her mouth opens, and another volley of icicles spray out, flying into the air like mortars from a cannon. This time Zweilous’ heads don’t just try to run off in separate directions, but work out that left is the perfect way to go to get away from the falling icicles of death that are now right on top of them GAH! The icicles strike both heads heavily while they deliberate, as well as their body, pummeling them into the ground as multiple waves strike around them. Grace snickers; having two heads is clearly dangerous in a battle.

Zweilous shakes itself off as it stands, glaring with two sets of eyes at Grace. She finds it funny, eh? Well she won’t be laughing for long. The left head lowers, turning parallel to the ground, while the right head keeps its eyes up and on their path. Like a jet they take off, Righty guiding Lefty’s path. Lefty collides with Grace head-on (apply directly to the forehead) and sends her stumbling back. She blinks as she goes, then goes right back to her chuckling. That had barely tickled.

[Grace] Mamoswine (F)
Ability: Snow Cloak
Health: 84
Energy: 90

Zweilous (M)
Ability: Hustle
Health: 54
Energy: 81
Status: Att+3, Acc-1

Grace uses Icicle Crash: Deals 23 damage. Costs 5 energy.
Zweilous uses Headbutt: Deals 8 damage. Costs 11 energy.

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