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Default Re: Foxamivalth vs paperfairy

Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post
So let's start the battle by waiting your foe's move first. If he attacks you and cause you 30 or more damage, you must Counter his attack if it's a physical attack, but if it's not a physical attack, you simply use Ice Fang. If the attack causes you less than 30 damage, you use Ice Fang. If the attack is non-physical Water/Ice damage, you use Protect once the move is launched. If the foe doesn't cause any damage to you, you use Double Team.

For the second turn, if your HP is 30 or lower, you use Endure when he attacks. Otherwise, you repeat the same action I told you before except the Double Team action, and replace it with Rock Polish.

Counter/Ice Fang/Protect/Double Team ~ Endure/Counter/Ice Fang/Protect/Rock Polish

Substitute 5% ~ Double Team

EDIT: Isn't Rhyhorn use Protect the second turn due to the same non-Physical Water attack?

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