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Um. hello? Anyone there? Why aren't you listening, I need some help with the Interactive Adventure and what not.

I'm afraid they are ignoring us. This happens a lot whenever a Koopa mentions "reason" or "dignity". Like these things, we seem to not exist among the other characters.

But why? Is it because we are blatantly advertising a fanfiction in order to keep it from moving to the dreaded "second page"?

Perhaps. Or maybe it's because they are too preoccupied in their own nonsensical interactions to pay attention to the suffering of fellow fictional character.

I see. Well, let's not dwell on it any longer. The conversations are starting to make us sound depressing. Want some Oran Berries?

Sorry, but my break is over. I'll talk with you later?

Sure. Maybe I'll reference you in the next response. I'm pretty sure I can fit you in.

That would be great, if you could pull it off. See you later, erm...

Call me Clyde. I'll take that as my name for now until the story picks up. I'll see you soon. Take care!
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