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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Name: Rush Peterson

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Alignment: Light

Rank: Recruit

Appearance: Rush may be a bit short for his age, and as a result people often mistake him for being younger. He doesn’t have much strength to speak off, being a little on the frail side, but he can be quick when it comes to it. Though he’s adjusted to certain fashions of this new world he found himself thrown into, he retains the look and feel of a typical Pokémon Trainer, with a street-worthy jacket barred black, white, and red. Because he’s required to, he wears a bit of armor in the form of finger-less gauntlets, but he won’t be giving up the black ski cap that he hides his shag-style blonde hair under. His sapphire-blue eyes sparkle with a keen eagerness to please.

Personality: The ideals and principals of the Pokémon world stuck with Rush when he entered the world of a keyblade bearer. Gentle and caring, Rush is ever the pacifist. He isn’t overly fond of fighting in any form, and would prefer to avoid it completely if at all possible. Because of this, he has little confidence in his ability as a keyblade bearer. Though he longs to do good, he just can’t quite get with the program. How could weapons solve anything? With a questioning attitude like that, Rush has been faltering with his training—the sole reason why he has been stuck as a recruit for so long. Once bright and optimistic on the outside, the boy now deals with discouragement and fears. Still, Rush finds comfort in the friendships he has gained within the Guild. He places great trust in them, and would be willing to give anything for them.

History: Rush came from a world we are all very well acquainted with, a world that for so long remained far and separate from the others dotting the grand expanse of the universe. Yet when he was still quite young, those protected borders fell apart, thanks to research into Shadow Pokémon and their hearts. Heartless were attracted by the darkness unleashed in those creatures’ hearts, and it caused all sorts of trouble for the locals. Trainers were unable to fight against them, since they quickly figured out that Heartless couldn’t be captured by Poké Balls.

Luckily, a book was forged back in Everlastia that allowed the keyblade bearers to come to the rescue. They were able to fight the Heartless back, find the world’s keyhole, and prevent the darkness from prevailing. The Legendary Pokémon took over once their work was completed, restoring the order and rebuilding the barriers. Life returned to normal in all the regions, and finally the research done on Shadow Pokémon was destroyed. They keyblade warriors disappeared, and were quite forgotten… until the Elders of the Guild sensed that a new bearer had surfaced.

Rush grew up in the region of Almia, where it was every lad’s dream to become a noble Pokémon Ranger. Adventurous and energetic Rush, too, desired to become one, and was happy to let everyone else know it. He and his close friends would often play-pretend Ranger games, waving sticks around like stylers or performing “Target Clear!” ’s. The Ranger School—where the heroes and heroines were trained—wasn’t very far from his village, and his parents were close friends with a few of the teachers there. The pathway to his dream was clear, every bit as possible as the air he breathed. That is… until he fell unexpectedly ill.

The sickness struck him suddenly and without warning. One minute he was a happy, playful, ten-year-old boy, the next he was struggling for life. All he can remember from this time in his life was the high fever that muddled his thoughts, the coughing fits he never thought would end, and a dream… a strange, strange dream with stained glass and darkness. In the few weak moments he could remember being awake, his mother or father had been watching over him with great concern—and someone else, just behind their shoulders. Who this person was, he wasn’t sure, but he felt like a stranger.

As days turned into long weeks, the doctors didn’t expect Rush’s condition to improve. One after another, they started to give up, but not Rush or his family. They sought for some way to heal their little boy, though it seemed every path they followed led to a dead end. Then one day, someone came to them with an offer. She was dressed very strangely, seeming not at all from their world, and even the way she spoke was peculiar. Eventually, she revealed herself as a Keyblade Wielder. For some time, she had been on the trail of a new bearer, and finally realized that the frail and sickly boy was indeed the one she had been looking for. The strange dream he had been through was in fact his Awakening as a wielder. Being gifted with magic, the woman offers a way to heal Rush of his sicknesses—with a price. Rush would have to come with her back to the Keyblade Guild and learn how to master his abilities.

The choice was difficult for his parents to make. Either way they chose, they were most likely going to lose their boy. In the end, they decided that it was more important to preserve Rush’s life, even if it meant a heart-breaking separation. The Keyblade wielder then took Rush from the Pokemon World, bringing him back to Everlastia to recover from his illness. With her magic, he was able to recover, but even after he tended to be frail and prone to sicknesses. Yet that didn’t discourage the Masters of the Guild from pounding lessons into him. They taught and taught, and he trained and trained… but he had difficult time learning. Years passed by to this very day, where Rush is still a mere Recruit, dreaming of one day returning to his own world.

Keyblade: Song of the Legends

Other: Just for everyone’s general information, I do not post on Sundays. ^^


Name: Vanessa Garrick

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Alignment: Dark

Rank: Master

Appearance: Seductive and beautiful, Vanessa has all the looks of an elegant supermodel. Her fine, porcelain skin is utterly flawless, with perfect red lips standing out on her artfully angled face. Above her unnatural amber eyes, her raven-black hair cascades down past her shoulders gracefully. She stands a little taller than most men, even without her classy black high-heels, and wears a flowing, feminine cloak over figure-fitting combat attire. Her smile is disarming, always hiding a scheme or two.

Personality: Confident and ambitious, Vanessa knows how to use her charms to get what she wants. One word could describe her perfectly: vain. Always hungry and never satisfied with her lust for power, she can be very cunning and manipulative. She treats those below her with condescension, but will appear silky-sweet to those that she believes she can use. Having no fear of the darkness, she will use it as she will, and believes it to be yet another useful tool to get what she wants. Towards the Elders and the “goody-two-shoes” of the Guild, she acts contemptuous and seeks to gain her revenge against them. When angered—which happens often, as she has a short temper—she holds grudges for ages and hasn’t been known to ever forgive her enemies.

History: In her world, before she came to be a keyblade bearer, Vanessa was one of nine princesses of a very wealthy kingdom. Yet the reign of the king in her day was not as extensive as in the past. The Royal Family was more or less an icon for their nation. Nonetheless, they were lavishly rich, and somewhat of a celebrity group to their people. Being the youngest princess, Vanessa was especially spoiled. Since her early days, she was told that she could have whatever she wanted. And that, she took advantage of.

However her mother, the queen, didn’t want her daughter to grow up a spoiled airhead. She whetted Vanessa’s cunning, helping her to realize that having power over others was indeed a desirable gift. Early on, the child learned to deviously manipulate those around her. Vanessa grew to like power—maybe even became obsessive over it. For now, the people thought her harmless, sensing no real maliciousness in her antics. Yet.

When Vanessa reached the age of twelve, she was discovered by a Seeker from the Keyblade Guild. This stranger explained to the king about her potential gifts, but the king would have none of it. It was, after all, improper for a princess to become a warrior. But Vanessa had seen for herself what a keyblade bearer was capable of. If she could wield that same power, then why deny herself the opportunity? Deceiving her family and the keyblade Seeker, Vanessa convinced the stranger to take her back to the Keyblade Guild.

Once there, Vanessa never looked back. Though she missed having the influence she had in her old world, she quickly gained popularity and followers. She hungrily gleaned all knowledge she could gain from the Masters, rising quickly through the ranks. Perhaps the one things she kept from her old world was her mother’s advice. She saw everyone around her as mere tools in getting what she wanted.

Towards the end of her apprenticeship to Master Theron, however, she was growing tired of the Guild. They seemed a little too careful for her liking. Why were they so cautious about the darkness? That she could never understand. Luckily for her, she would get a chance to find out as Master Theron started researching in secret. The old master never sought to gain control of the darkness—rather, he wanted to better understand it, to better combat it. His experiments would later give him great cause for grief… He realized to late the seeds of treason he planted in Vanessa’s heart.

No one within the guild is sure of what happened, but eventually Theron’s experiments ceased. Vanessa passed her Mark of Mastery examination, by some strange means, while Theron was promoted to an Elder. The relationship between the two seemed especially distant during this time, until the day when Master Vanessa unexpectedly disappeared. It wasn’t uncommon for newly fledged Masters to go off on their own, granted, but Vanessa vanished with the slightest trace.

A year passed before Vanessa finally—and suddenly—returned. Yet something seems different about her now. No one in the Guild can exactly place it, though. Regardless, they accepted her back into their ranks, welcoming her as one of their own. The Elders even granted her an Apprentice, at her request. But they never expected the dire consequences for their blind trust…

Keyblade: Leviathan

Other: Originally apprenticed to Theron, who is now an Elder in the Court, she now has an apprentice of her own: Celeste and Rush’s friend, Embry.

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