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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Can't believe I forgot to mention the amazing visuals ^_^

Name: Iolanthe (she'll usually introduce herself as Ione though) Moreno.

Gender: Female

Age: 16 and a half

Alignment: Light

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Ione! I drew this, please don't steal it!

Personality: What could have been? Parents of criminals and rebels sometimes mutter those words pondering on the future their child might have embraced. Iolanthe never robbed a bank, knifed the innocent, tortured anybody. She, however, is tormented by this question, uttered by her elders at every corner. It may not be obvious at first, but Ione is not like the rest…

Darkness should, by all means, rule her heart. Some think it does, which is the reason behind the fear, rejection she’s faced almost all her life. In reality, there are glaring signs something is wrong. Iolanthe’s negative emotions are powerful, overwhelming, almost to the point of being destructive. When she gets sad, expect buckets of sorrowful tears. Rage will usually bring about screaming, crying and sometimes even full on violence. Random outbursts of frustration are not uncommon, though they have decreased in frequency since she’s been fighting Heartless. Feelings of fear, abandonment and shame run deep within, hard to keep checked. If one looks at her purplish grey eyes in the right light, they’ll most likely see traces of loneliness, Ione has few, if any, real friends.

However, unlike the common belief, there is an internal light to the girl. Iolanthe is a fair person, she dislikes cheating and will try to fight honest whenever possible. An average bystander would note that she is a pretty patient person, who can tolerate long waits with ease. Ione is also, shockingly enough, rather compassionate when given the chance. If someone at the till was short a dollar, she wouldn’t hesitate to give one to them. It may also be a surprise that the girl hates torture in all its forms, seeing others suffer greatly upsets her.

While this goes unknown by even Iolanthe, it is important to note that she cannot allow herself to become too immersed in her own negativity. She is basically, one major depression away from allowing the darkness to overtake her strained heart as it had her mother. So far, her grimmer feelings have been kept in check, but, her strong will only needs to falter once…

History: Ione’s tale really begins six months before her actual birth, the day her father died. During the following weeks, her heartbroken mother began to dabble into Darkness, hoping it would somehow ease the pain. However, the woman was soon overwhelmed by the sheer power it gave her, and began to take things too far. Little did she know the toll this would soon take on her heart, and that of her unborn daughter. Like radiation, Ione’s developing heart was exposed to intensive amounts of Darkness, which, over time, started to warp it. The light she naturally possessed was, luckily, able to minimize the damage she was taking, which is why the girl isn’t badly corrupted. The same cannot be said about her mother, who just weeks after giving birth, was engulfed by Darkness.

Nobody around seemed to know what to make of Ms. Moreno’s disappearance. It, in fact, took a few days before it was discovered she was missing, a worried neighbour entering the unlocked house to find baby Iolanthe crying in her crib, all alone. Books on black magic littered the living room floor, bizarre concoctions taking up much of the cupboards. Evidence of Lucina Moreno’s involvement with darkness was almost everywhere, although few knew the implications of her melding. Being that her parents were both dead and her late husband’s family was unable to take her, Ione ended up staying with the neighbours.

At first, this arrangement worked well, although they never loved her like their own, the couple took decent care of the girl. She often slept, cried plenty and rarely displayed any feelings of joy, a glum expression usually pasted on her young face. As Ione entered the toddler years though, things started to change. She would throw temper tantrums that would last hours, for no real reason. Violent bursts were not uncommon, combined with loud, piecing screams. This seemed like somewhat normal behaviour, but only intensified as time went by. The couple no longer knew what to do; Iolanthe was a nightmare in human form. She was never really happy either, making tolerating her antics even harder. After long talks, they decided to try and see who else would be willing to take her. However, before they could act on their choice, a mysterious character appeared, offering to relieve them of Iolanthe. It did take them a little while to give her up to him, but ended up letting her go.

Half way through her fourth year, Ione was taken from her home world of Radiant Garden to the Keyblade Guild. She hadn’t yet displayed any talents that would indicate her ability to wield the Keyblade, which wasn’t protocol, but that hadn’t stopped her future master from taking the girl in. He reluctantly lied to his elders, telling them of the potential he saw in her, and claimed he would be the one to train her. They knew of her mother’s antics, however, forcing some concern, but ended up letting him go ahead.

Not wanting to have his true motives discovered, young Master Wyn blessed Iolanthe with the capability of utilising the Keyblade’s awesome power. He cursed himself for it half a year later though, when his student exposed her dark magic for the whole guild to see. She’d lost her temper, through a massive fit, and ended up unleashing a blast in sheer frustration. The elders came close to banishing Ione, but realised the dangerous situation they could be putting the outside world in by releasing her in that state. She knew of the guild, was capable of powerful black magic and could wield a Keyblade. It ended up being decided that Wyn would have to somehow tame the recruit he brought in.

Wyn never really had taken to Iolanthe, despite the love he secretly harboured for her mother. None the less, he worked with the girl, isolating her from the others and attempted to break the darkness within. Little did he know this was the wrong approach, that the dark force was connected to her heart. There was no way to make it disappear...

Years would go by, with little progress made. The Master was growing tired, torn between his guilt and the lack of hope he had for Iolanthe. Half a decade was a long time to go without much improvement, and that, Wyn knew. Soon the Elders would start inquiring, which couldn’t end well. He still didn’t see much in his student, but feelings of fault forced him forward. Lucina, she could have been saved…

They couldn’t see it, Iolanthe herself had never really felt it, but there was an inner light to the girl. This part hadn’t seen corruption, the last remnant of who she should have been. One protective urge, the will to save the only person in living memory who’d ever given her a chance, was enough to provoke the weakened white. She leapt forward, drawing the power of Fading Nightshade for the first time, and took a swing. The large cinderblock exploded into thousands of harmless shades, showering Wyn as they fell. Luckily, Twilight Town was at rest, no witnesses to this bizarre event. The holiday from heck ended on a bright note…

For the first time, Ione sampled ice-cream, mint in flavour. Her Master was impressed and thankful; he’d been dead if it would have struck. Still, Wyn always felt detached from the growing girl, despite the progress she started to make. Signs of a more positive being began to surface, patience, fair play and even hints of kindness. Iolanthe would soon handle proper lessons, downing the information thoroughly.

Of course, she still wasn’t normal, not by a landslide. Fits of frustration and unprovoked rage still manifested, keeping Iolanthe from the classrooms. Too dangerous, Wyn had been told. She was often plagued by negative emotions, anger at first, although this would shift to abandonment and shame later on. Ione was now aware there was something wrong with her…

The fear and rejection she met would only grow worse when the Heartless started popping up. Any chance Ione would ever have at acceptance had vanished into thin air. A minor investigation was conducted, although it failed to draw any connection between her and these evil creatures. Unlike them, the young teenager was capable of “good” emotions, despite the considerable darkness lurking within. Black magic only grew stronger, despite attempts to push it away, and Iolanthe was soon capable of creating a portal of sorts. She knew what it was capable of, but acting on instructions, never used this.

Finally at the age of fourteen, Wyn was given a slight break and Ione was allowed to attend public classes. Her Master decided her excellence with the Keyblade, decent knowledge and progress was enough to deem her Apprentice. The Elders were extremely hesitant, but couldn’t deny the facts, and reluctantly let it slide. However, Ione was forced to take certain recruit classes, having never been able in the past.

Ione, for the first time, started to feel lonely. Others had “friends” what this meant, she had no idea, but they seemed to share a positive bond. Being afraid of the “human Heartless”, her classmates wanted nothing to do with Iolanthe, and the teachers never forced them to. Better times were spent with Wyn, blasting the vile abominations into nothingness.

Still, to this day, the situation hasn’t changed much. Lack of progress at the recruit classes have halted any advancement Ione was making. Not that she’d ever be given much leash anyway, people still look at her with much distain, the Elders remembering her former antics and classmates, simply fearing the darkness she harbours. Still, the teenager doesn't give up, choosing to fight the dark and the expectations...

*Ask Iolanthe to describe anything before Fading Nightshade appeared, and she won’t really be able. Her darker memories seem to be eroding ever since she suffered a blow of light magic during a friendly duel a few months back… *

Keyblade: Fading Nighshade (pic coming soon)

Other: (Any other details you feel are needed; here you can say who your character is apprenticed to—if they’re an apprentice, that is—or details you might need to add to describe the fandom you pulled your character from)

Ugh, history fail...
I'll edit bits in as I write them

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