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Default Re: Image Requests & Graphic Giveaway Thread!

This might be a tall order but I would really appreciate whoever does this for me :3

Banner/Avatar: Banner and Avatar
Size: Standard sizes for both
Colour Theme: Just provided images.
Image(s): For Banner: Scrafty I want on the left of the banner Bisharp I want on the right of the banner Hydreigon in the center please
For Avatar: Arceus
Background Image(s): This for avatar. Something like this for banner. Sorry if it's way too big.
Main Text: For banner: For the love of Dark-types (bottom of signature)
For Avatar: I stand above everyone (bottom of avatar preferred)
Sub-Text: Judgmental Arceus (small at the top of the banner)
Border: Navy
Extra: None
Credit to mayfan1000. VPP Browser Post

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