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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Originally Posted by paperfairy View Post
What's the point of the room flip? You realize doing that would just cause both battlers to fall, yes? Also, what are the stats of the arena giving the electric bolt?
Aggron vs. Pikachu

Aggron slams into the left wall, which cause the box to roll left. Because he knows what coming, he can safely find a way to stay standing (by sliding down the wall). But because Pikachu didn't expect it, it would fall, possibly messing up it's attack, depending on how the ref takes it or...

Tentacruel vs. Torchic

Tentacruel use Surf, then flip the room upside down to have the water hit torchic again, and cause the field to be filled with water.
Surf + Room Flip

So it is really just something that can be really creative if thought through that I though of.

As for your second question, I'm not quite sure what your wanting.
"71-85: The pokemon is given an electric shock. (Electric, 40 BP, Special)"
That is already in the gym description~