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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Alllll right, guys, those are looking awesome! ^^

Sorry I didn't have Celeste up right away, but here she is now! ^^ (Beware: Long history ahead xD)


Name: Celeste Piper

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Alignment: Light

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Of average build and height, Celeste doesn’t stand out too much in a crowd. Some people would think she looks pretty plain—not strikingly beautiful, but not ugly either. She has long, auburn hair that hangs below her shoulders, which she only pulls half-way out of her face. Sideways bangs hang down over hazel eyes, bright on her slightly freckled face. Unlike her Master (Siros), who favors bright-colored robes, Celeste wears a simple, dull-green cape over a simple outfit. Her special piece of armor lies at the point where the cape meets under her chin—circular with a graceful heart set at its center.

Though some might find her rather admirable, Celeste doesn’t consider herself to be anyone significant. In fact, she thinks she’s rather ordinary—as far as Keyblade Bearers go. Celeste genuinely tries to best just to be like the average teenager. She works hard to get her assignments done for school, then in her free time she enjoys just chilling out with friends. Like other teens, she can be stubborn and a little defiant at times (even to the Guild leaders).

However, she can’t help but be a little extraordinary in some ways. Celeste is quite the hardy individual, having withstood much greater trials then other teens. Very independent and proud, she thinks for herself, and knows how to use her head. She isn’t easily influenced by others, and keeps her own opinions on various subjects.

Granted with all her powers, Celeste certainly has a sense of responsibility, especially to those around her (doubly, since she’s the Healer’s Apprentice). She can’t stand injustices, and will fight for her beliefs. Celeste will work hard to maintain peace and balance, both in the greater world, and with her friends. But sometimes, she works too hard. Often, she runs herself to the point of exhaustion, and even then she’ll refuse to stop.

Unfortunately, she can at times cause even worse problems, given that she is impatient and short-tempered. She easily becomes defensive, perhaps even mean when she feels wronged. This often leads her to say things she will later regret. With anything, she tries to be realistic, and will only step up to lead if called upon.

History: Celeste and her father both knew what she was destined for, even at the tender age of six.

The girl grew up in a world not unlike our own. People went day to day with complete ignorance of the paranormal powers surrounding their universe. They lived simple, uncomplicated lives, with little fear or change. Worries didn’t involve survival—rather, they coped with finding a balance between family, work, school, and the future. Celeste’s story began with a similar, mundane pattern, but she didn’t mind it. After all, it was peaceful and secure. But little by little, she realized that her family wasn’t so ordinary.

Her mother was a keyblade bearer.

That woman was everything a little girl could look up to, even if she was a little different than other mothers. Rebecca was brave, strong, and very kind. While Celeste felt content in her little world, she wouldn’t find out later that her mother was having a hard time staying in one place for too long. Though she dearly loved her loyal husband and doting daughter, Rebecca’s heart still longed for adventure. Being a keyblade bearer, she had an innate sense of wanderlust that she couldn’t deny for long. She stayed as long as she could, until she couldn’t take a predictable life much longer.

The day came when she finally deserted her family. Though the memory of her departure is somewhat clouded with the passing of time, Celeste still remembers that night. As a little girl, she couldn’t understand (and never would), and for the first time, she faced an uncertainty that made her fearful. Rebecca, full of love for her child, could see that she was scared. And so, she offered a gift and words of encouragement.

“In your hand, take this Key, she spoke those fateful words, offering the hilt of her keyblade to her daughter. “So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking, its your wielder one day may be. And you will find me…”

Thus, the keyblade was passed on to Celeste, though she wouldn’t earn it until much later in her history. Rebecca disappeared that night, and years have passed without any sign of her return. Celeste and her father were left to fight a lonely future alone. At first, Celeste felt buoyed by her mother’s gift, but as she grew older, she became bitter. Her shattered family faced staggering trials, and she couldn’t help but question her mother’s honor. Why hadn’t she returned? Where was she? Why would she just abandon them? Gradually, Celeste became convinced that her mother had been a coward. She wanted nothing to do with her—and certainly, nothing to do with the keyblade.

Trying to wipe Rebecca from her memory, Celeste did everything to live like an ordinary teenager. She got involved with all kinds of school activities, and worked hard at part-time jobs. Luckily for her, she found a great model in her father, who, despite losing his wife, remained strong. They worked together to get the bills paid, bellies fed, and a home made.

Unfortunately, she had a sad lesson to learn: the life of a keyblade bearer is never their own. The paranormal always finds them, even in the most ordinary of places.

One day, when she was fourteen years old, a Seeker came to their door. Fresh from the Mark of Master, the Seeker was eager to bring his first recruit into the Guild, but Celeste was going to give him a run for his money. She flat-out refused. No matter how hard he tried to convince her otherwise, the Seeker couldn’t get her to change her mind. Eventually, he gave up, and, disheartened, returned to the Guild. Celeste hoped that that would be the last she would ever hear about keyblades. Destiny had other plans.

Months after the Seeker left, monsters started appearing in the streets. These enemies weren’t easily slain by bullets or modern weapons. For every fiend shot down, several more would take its place. Nothing could stop their advancement, and quickly the peace of a simple world was shattered. Inch by inch, the chaos came to Celeste’s neck of the woods.

Her school was put in a lock-down when they came. Cowering in a dark corner with her trembling friends and classmates, Celeste felt a fear she had not felt since the night her mother left. The shadows around her shuddered, and slowly, the Heartless began appearing. Her classmates screamed, but they had nowhere to run. The Shadows began attacking, and Celeste watched helplessly as hearts were ripped out of innocent people, letting them fade into darkness. She was utterly terrified—until a rising anger overwhelmed her. What was she doing? She had to save her friends! She couldn’t let any more lives be needlessly lost.

She had the key. She just needed to use it.

In a brilliant flash of light, a keyblade appeared in her hand. Hardly realizing what she was doing, Celeste slashed through the Heartless, hacking at every last one until the classroom was devoid of them. But she didn’t stop there. After making sure her friends were alright, she raced from the school, looking for the one last person she wanted to save: her father.

Out in the streets, she saw the complete chaos that was befalling her hometown. Her world was literally falling apart. Darkness was slowly closing in around it, destroying everything familiar to her eyes. Though her thoughts were filled with concern for her father, Celeste quickly became overwhelmed with an army of Heartless. She tried fighting her way through, but the sheer number of them was staggering. Just when she thought she was a goner, just as the darkness was closing in, figures jumped in protectively around her, wielding weapons of light. The Seeker had returned, and he brought friends this time.

The next thing Celeste remembers, she woke up within the Healer’s Wing of the Keyblade Guild. Ill news awaited her: the Seeker and his friends had been unable to save her world. Everything she knew… everyone… was gone. And now, she was truly alone.

But perhaps not as alone as she had thought. Though she was a real mess when she first arrived, people were making a genuine effort to befriend her. Celeste discovered that many of the keyblade bearers were good, honest people, despite what she had earlier assumed with the bitter departure of her mother. Though the loss of her world still pains her, Celeste came to grips with reality. She had nowhere else to go, no one else to turn to, and so she agreed to train with the Guild. She had been given a gift, and whether it was a blessing or a curse, she realized that she had to learn to use it. Deep down, she wants to make sure that no one else has to go through what she did—and more so, she wants to find out if there is a way to bring back her father.

The Guild is her only key.

: Hopeful Heart *Pic belongs to me--no stealing, please and thank ya

She is apprenticed to Master Siros, one of the Guild’s most skilled Healers. NPC friends include Locke (strong, sturdy, and ever serious), and Shasta (quirky, bubbly, and ever happy).

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