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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

I fell into a Pokemon prison. Everywhere one looked, cramped cages, filled with desperate and obviously injured Pokemon, some of which were obviously missing limbs. They looked so innocent of the pain and suffering they had endured, despite size and shape and appearances. Directly behind me, a Shiny Metang was seemingly the only thing that wasn't depressed, and indeed seemed heavily angry within the confines of it's cell. The only thing that wasn't a Pokemon was Issac, me, and some idiot with a black shirt with a red 'R' on it. If you're really that dumb, that would signify that he's in Team Rocket. The dude was sleeping, and he had a cattle prod, obviously an instrument of torture.

I was immediately appalled, and my first order of business was to make sure the obvious idiot directly involved in the harm was dead beyond resurrection. One swipe from an Arbit-Burning Illicit Blessing later, his whole body was engulfed in the black smoke that signified the damage, and seconds later, he was gone without a trace-save the keys to the whole thing and his cattle prod. Issac took the weapon, while I took the keys.

The whole place started to be filled with the very noisy calls of Pokemon, begging for freedom, even the raging Metang. Of course, this abnormal behavior from what were obviously despairing Pokemon would certainly attract more grunts, and fighting them would...Uhh...After searching every part of my being, I saw utterly no reason to not kill them all, letting them live after seeing that they were not failures at their jobs was beyond intolerable. Nevertheless, I wanted to make them panic-I wanted them scared out of their wits, the force of my abilities pressing down upon them far harder than had they known I was there at all. My whole being fathered my own determination after seeing a Togepi with two of it's head spikes absent from it's head, the blood not even being concealed at all.

"Shush! I'll get you out of here, but I can't be seen! Please, quiet!" I said, quietly.

Every last Pokemon stopped their wails, but I could easily read all of their minds, no problem, and all of them were willing to stay silent to see their captors pay.

"Issac, stay close! No sudden movement, move too fast and I won't be able to keep you hidden!" I said. Issac was obviously all game for my illusions, considering that I was able to defeat Storm only with the help of one.

The door opened, and Two more Rockets-sorry, pardon me, a**holes-came in, prods ready. The Pokemon suddenly gave evil grins, save a still-raging Metang, now trying to bend the cage open to no avail. The best part of their jobs were up ahead: The torture. They grinned as their final action, and they suddenly were no longer living. The Illicit Blessing was to replace the neck that was supposed to be on the left idiot's body, while a concealed knife Issac got out made short work of the other. The Pokemon were still grinning, and the a**holes bodies were spared from Arbit-Burning. I dared not don their clothing-with Illusionary powers, I had no need for it. Issac thought highly enough of my illusions to avoid touching the shirt and pants.

Next room over happened to be filled to the brim with weapons of all kinds-Pistols, SMG's, AR's, LR's, Snipers, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, Crossbows with explosive charges, Mini-guns, everything, as well as the equipment to hold them with and extra ammunition. Issac and I happily helped ourselves to the massive arsenal, with me taking two holsters to carry around the pistol I already had, and the pistol I just took, both labeled "Encrypt 143," taking an LR with the tile of "Ninjuitsu," putting said LR on with its sling, and even helping myself to a Shotgun that had the word "Bellartix" on it, using its own sling to carry itself. I didn't even really look at the weapon's themselves until later.

The Ninjuitsu Light Rifle was basically a small sniper rifle, and albeit it was more compact than a true-blood sniper rifle, It still wasn't anything to be mocked at, as it sported an impressive distance, great power, came with a pre-attached scope that could sight up to 50 miles away from my position with a view as if I was standing right in front of it, and a shuriken-like bayonet near the front.

Meanwhile, the Bellartix shotgun sported a nasty surprise: Sticky grenades. As a secondary firing system in case one ran out of shells, the nasty things could go up to fifty yards away. The pump-action beast that was the Bellartix, I was doubtful only someone very strong could even attempt wielding something with such a massive kick from it's primary firing mode, but the reward for being able to control such a gun is sweet: The power behind it is so absurd, hitting anywhere is fatal. Thankfully, metal control helped greatly.

Lastly, the Encrypt 143 pistols are in truth revolvers-simply too much kickback, but otherwise great. Metal control removes the kick. That made the Encrypt 143's a massive asset to me when the Ninjuitsu and Bellartix failed.

I'll not go into too much detail after that, I still don't really know much about the autonomy of a gun, I just knew how they worked.

The Rockets had apparently not cared for closing doors, for the door to the next room was open as well. However, the loud talking had kept our immediate entrance out of the question.

"Yhea, so what? We got our drugs, our Pokemon, our weapons, and we gonna sit around and spend our f***ing time waitin' for 'em to be 'ought up by 'dem suckers at 'de black market? No, we keepin' the Pokemon, we keepin' the weapons, and we sell 'dem drugs on 'da streets, and we make 'da cash quick and easy!" Said one idiot.

"On the other hand, the Black Market's safer, and selling it all will help remove our traces! Rookie, you really don't think well, do you? We're not exactly known, but we're not exactly unknown either, and if we leave a big fat trail for others to follow, we're dead meat! We're not doing a public show like last time, that's what got us busted." Said another idiot. Me and Issac walked in, quietly. This last room was chock-full of everything from Crack to Cocaine, every last drug I knew of back home, and a few I didn't.

"...Bah! I still want 'dat Metang, 'dat Metang d**m awesome, it be somethin' Giovanni would want, is it?" The first a**hole said. "I'm keepin' it, either way!"

"Yhea it's something he'd want, and we are giving it to Giovanni, and I'll tell him that you said that, 'cause that's what'll get you on the Boss’s bad-did you hear something?"

They also found themselves without their lives intact after a quick neck-to-sharp object negotiation.

Then we went outside the first cart, and the train's speed at last became evident, judging simply from the speed the wind hit our faces.

I heard it, but the wind was doing it's best to cover it up: "Oy, it's time for a shift change!"

The door opened, and five Rocket members walked towards us, and closed the door. That's what it looked like. However, after I took the liberty of using a telekinetic trick to force some overly-powerful thoughts of going to sleep on the spot over them, then throwing them out, that was all they saw.

This cart wasn't segmented, like the last one, for it was three times as long. It was crawling with Rocket Grunts, but one man stood out as failing to be a part of the organization. Lime green hair, red monocle on the right eye, yellow and purple robes that reminded me of a moth, the man looked quite scared, eyes darting everywhere in search of anything that could save his rear. He was bobbed, tied and gagged, sitting in a chair, two pistols pointed at the back of his neck.

I could wait no longer to dish out justice-who said it had to be one at a time? I telepathed Issac this time. <"Get ready to kill as many of them as you can! I'm going to de-cloak!">

Issac readied his Sniper while I got out the Bellartix. All were armed, but nobody would ever expect this nasty surprise.

Suddenly, two figures appeared to the Rockets and the restrained man, all present save that who appeared to them shocked by their appearance.

We then opened fire. The Bellartix shot seven shells, each piercing the heart of the seven Rockets on the left with no effort. Meanwhile, Issac's sole shot with his rifle netted four kills going through the bodies of several Rockets, then managing a rebound to land in somebody's skull.

That left two rockets, the rockets who were pointing their guns at the man. We had our guns pointed at them.

Nobody even twitched. The rockets started sweating; It wasn't a bluff, but their two opponents didn't even care. They cared for their lives too much to get shot. The lowered the guns.

We shot anyway, Issac nailing a shot to the head while I shot in the heart, and with their two bodies no longer blocking the way, we could now see another door-there was more. Joy, more Rockets to kill.

But first, we cut loose our captive. The man seemed to loosen himself greatly after this.

"Thank you. Death makes anyone panic, but you two seem to be competent gunslingers." Said the man. I knew at once that he was a conman, but his voice did make him seem actually smart. "My name is Ghetsis." He added, with a hint of grand importance about him.

I felt it. The tiniest vibration that was not caused by going over a bump. I pressed my ear to the wall, and I heard yells, a lot of yells, panicked yells. And they were quickly silenced, failing to be in unison, sometimes just one, sometimes a whole group of screams. One thing was for sure-We were in deep.

"Someone's in the next cart...Whoever's in there is killing everyone else...I'd get back. Way back." I said, pushing Issac and Ghetsis behind some crates.

"What the f-" Issac spat out, before the door flew straight off it's hinges.

Iris?! How'd she get here? She seemed...Cocky. Like she had a very big advantage and was about to remove a very disgusting being from the world.

Then, someone gently pushed Iris into the cart, and pushed her to the side. That particular someone happened to be a particular Gear Pesse, looking ready to kill.

Ready to kill me, that is.

"You. You thrust an Arbit-Burning Blade into Storm's back. He barely survived that. You like this, don't you? You want this, don't you? You wanted him dead, and you want me dead, don't you?" Gear said, refraining from just taking my life right now.

"Here's what I like: Good things. Good things for me. If Storm can't win against me, then that's his problem, not mine." I said. "Besides, the worse you fight, the better off I am. I'm not heartless, but you wouldn't understand what you'd lead the world down." I said, smiling in a manner to further aggrivate Gear.

"I'll save the world, that's what I'm leading it down." Gear said, now with some danger in his tone.

"That's what you think. You don't know. You have no idea. You have absolutely no idea what you'll bring upon yourself. Let's face it-I hate Arbiters, and If I see an Arbiter, It'll die."

Ghetsis was thinking of asking me later about the Arbiters of which he had no clue of, while Issac was debating to take a shot at Gear right now. Gear kept his moderate armor from last time, having repaired every bullet thrust at him in my attempt to kill him prior.

"If it's an Arbiter posing as Onlisk, it'll die. If it's an Arbiter clearly on the other side, it'll die. The Arbiters will die. That much you want, right?" I asked.

Gear clearly wanted me dead more at the moment than he wanted the Arbiters dead.

Gear ripped open every last crate in a furious burst of Kinetic energy that knocked Issac and Ghetsis unconscious. I barely hanged on, and took a half-Latries form just to gain some height, and even then, Gear was still taller than me. And more threatening. And had trained more.

Now, I could have never described a flurry of Volteerist moves between two Legendary-Rank Volteers, for it was pure, lethal, totally impossible chaos that the Nexus may have been destroyed over. Never in history has a confrontation like that happened-Legendary Volteers had a habit of assuming that the opponent was equally capable of killing him, so they never really fought directly. However, I can say with dignity that I and my greatest foe were in a fully-fledged Volteerist duel, and I can say with equal dignity that I was taking every opportunity I could to use whatever I knew to slip Gear up in any manner, using metal morphing to block Gear's attacks in his face if he didn't just rip through it, using my power over metal to use every gun I had access to at once while Gear blocked the shots with either his armor or a kinetic reversal, trying to slip into mental signals so weak that it was Gear's only defensive against Psychic foes, and even sent Scyez out, for knowing that she had once slipped up Gear before, and tried making her use whatever attack she could muster to harm Gear in as many ways as possible.

All of it was nearly useless. Gear seemed invincible, blocking any attack he could and letting his armor absorb it, and when it couldn't do that, it seemed that he ignored the effect entirely out of pure rage and adreneline. Paradox Lightning, Arbit-Burning, Starblazer/Illicit Blessing fusion (Gear raised an eyebrow there), nothing worked.

Then Gear used a kinetic blast to sent me and my two unconscious allies back into the drug room. I tried throwing a box labeled "Marijuana" At Gear, but the Demon Weed only made his attitude, which had already gone to s**t, get even more hell-bent. "CANNABIS?! REALLY?!?!"

He threw me into the gun room, just for that.

An insane idea came to me. There were quite a lot of guns here. That was a lot of opportunities to stop Gear's seemingly invincible rampage right now. Who could withstand all of that?!

I pulled out anything and everything that looked even slightly like a firearm, and as I did, I quickly drained the energy from the cattle prods Issac and the grunts had, recovering the ton of energy I wasted during the fight, if only somewat.

Gear was in my sights. Then Gear was in the gun's sights.


I fired them all, simultaneously. Grenades, Rockets and Crossbows all exploded with a vengeance, while every other gun wasted their whole clip, hanging without any body to hold them except my own metal control.

The smoke cleared...Gear was alive?! His armor proved to be more than capable of soaking up whatever bullet you could name, right then and there. However, the explosives took a toll on him at last, for he had the wind knocked out of him and was starting to pant.

"Heh...Heh...You really think that...Heh...Will stop me...Heh...I'll kill you...I'll destroy you...Nobody even tries eradicating my comrades like that...Not even you..." Gear said, trying to recover from the blow, sucking the life out of the plants (most of the drugs were plants, in fact, not even dead yet) all around him. I tried too, but Gear was far more proficient at wielding Life Energy than I was, and obviously got the lion's share. In fact, the only thing I was more proficient at than Gear was the things Gear didn’t have access to at all. And Gear had defenses against that. Think about that-Someone who was 90% capable of stopping your assault because he was better at controlling your Volteer-based powers, and 10% capable of doing likewise because what he can’t control, he has an equally rock-solid defense for. I was panicking.

I looked backward. The last room. Pokemon who I had a duty to free were in there, eager to take my orders, and save me from Gear. Scyez, who refused to do anything but clamp on my head ("No no no no no! I'm not letting you get Avvie's beret!"), Was quite useless right now, save for keeping my headgear in check.

I ran inside, finding myself able to teleport Ghetsis and Issac inside too, and slamming the door shut, using every last ounce of power I could to make sure Gear didn't break it easily.

Meanwhile, I started using the keys to free the Pokemon, one after another, more allies that would assist in stopping Gear, more foes for my foe to deal with...I stopped using the keys and started using my superhuman strength to rip open the cages, freeing everything from Tyranitar to Yanmega, from Espeon to Marill, and even the Metang, who was only restraining himself from killing me because I had done him a great favor. I sent out Vyraz and Lesha too.

"F***ing Jack***! What'd ya do that for?!" Lesha said, deciding that being crammed in a PokeBall was nowhere near her style. Knew it, she was a bada**. However, she got quite the look from the rest of the Pokemon around her, being freed from captivity. By me. Vyraz and Scyez were also giving her the evil eye. She exchanged her insulted look for embarrassment.

"The people that holed you up in those cages is NOT the person trying to burst through that door, but I freed you, so please tell me you'll be willing to return the favor, or something?" I said, trying to plead with every last Pokemon here. "Look, he'll kill me if he does get through, and I'm powerless against him alone! Please, help!" I said, throwing my whole soul into it. I was powerless. I was alone. I was all alone, I felt, in a fight against impossible odds and unstoppable foes.

I would die without help. I would die without it. I would die.


And worse.

And, seeing that my fear was true and my plead that of an innocent child terrified of the consequences of something he never did, they reached out, and prepared to strike back against the foe that would kill me.

I relinquished all control over the door, and it was thrown open with a fury that was beyond-

S**t, s**t, s**t, s**t, s**t, s**t.

The beret came off my head.
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