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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Every last Pokemon there had unleashed an almighty combined assault at my attacker without needing a command, but I was still forced to do nothing but cover my ears as a last act before I had to experience nothing but the loudest noise possible. It was too much, it was impossible, my whole body would explode from the pain, surely...

Meanwhile, Scyez got furious. Really furious.

"RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! YOU MEAN MAN!! YOU'RE GONNA KILL AVVIE! YOU'RE GONNA KILL AVVIE!!!" Scyez yelled in a furious outbreak of rage, glowing white, and quickly evolving, taking a crack at Gear directly in the process.

Gear was given a severe blow with the combined force of every Pokemon in the room, but it wasn't enough to even drop him to his knees-it took the wind out of him again, but that was it. Scyez, now in a new body and in total rage, had now taken that opportunity to a whole new level. Her hands were coated in fire while a black and blue sphere formed in her hands, cold energy flaring at her hips, all of these elements spawning all at once.

Gear, just realizing this, now realized something else.


The Dark Pulse/Aura Sphere orb had landed perfectly, knocking Gear into Iris, who had hanged behind the whole fight, providing Gear moral support. Then Scyez jabbed Gear twice, throwing him into the drug room with a fiery blast she wasnít expecting, and then the frost around her hip forcefully released itself in a pulse, flinging poor Iris to the next cart while Gear was forced to the space between them, Gear with legs frozen and Iris with her stomach encrusted with ice.

However, Scyez's rage had her forget why I was suffering at all. The sound, the sound would surely kill me...Not even the Arbiters would go this far if they could...The sound would surely destroy more than my life...My soul, Latries'es soul, this was so bad that they had to be suffering the same way my physical body was-at every possible angle beyond every possible level of pain, all of my body ceasing to function outside of acting like a massive ear, furthering the pain...

The beret was back on my head, shoved there a little forcibly, and I recovered at once, still very shaky. Looking above myself to spot my savior, the outraged Metang from before seemed to get much less mad at the world, but was still mad at Gear for his attempt at my life.

Breathing heavily, I made my way to Gear, shakily, the Metang having to support my every move. Each step felt like an earthquake rattled my whole body...After an eternity, It started to wear off...And I saw him.

Iris, being forced to take Gear's whole weight twice in a row, was already given the green light for an emergency evac. Gear, however, was still conscious and alive, his kelvar and metals ripped and torn in multiple places, and at some points having been removed in Scyez's forceful and extreme offensive moves altogether, to be scattered on previously stumbled-over parts of my body.


"Nobody will give their life up without a good cause, Gear. Nobody. I will die to protect the people you protect from the same forces you fight...But...You'd never believe who is and who is not an Arbiter." I said, finding myself able to breath much easier than Gear was. "As per what happens now...You tried killing me and failed because you tried. Those Pokemon protected me because they saw somebody cornered and helpless...Now, I'm not going to let you kill me, of course. But I'm not going to kill you, I've no intention of killing somebody I like. So...what will you do now?" I said, knowing full well what he would do. Good Lawyers nor I ask any question without knowing the answer already.

"Guillotine...Pull me out..." Gear muttered, as loudly as he could. A second later, an orange flash was to be seen. I fended off Gear, the Invincible Titan, an unstoppable force and immovable object when enraged (And I did get him enraged). For now. I let him live to defend the scraps of innocence I had left, meaning he'd ignore my goodwill and come back again, and this time, the minimal holding back he may have done will have all but evaporated.

That was also the outcome of the world's first real fight between two Legendary Volteers-Until that moment, Legendary Volteers of the past knew that they were equals right off the bat in direct combat. However, by chipping away at their mental sanity with 'a series of unfortunate events,' no reference to a specific book series and movie sporting the same name intended. This combination of severe unluckiness and simple direct mental pressure from the other side would eventually force one end to crack, and either let the other side win or commit suicide. However, this was because that both sides believed that the Volteers were of equal training, and that they didnít know that even for Legendary-rank, they were different. Gear knew that I was still very green-skinned when it came to Volteerisim, even if close-combat with a mix of my abilities would have downed any foe, even Gear. But he knew my pure Volteer-technique combat skill was subpar, and because of a huge difference in experience (Gear had eight years to use that), Gear nearly won, and if it wasn't for a very lucky factor of having that many Pokemon willing to fight for me at a moment's notice, including one who managed to notice my plight for a need of soundproof headgear when I found myself quite lacking.

"Avvie, you're OK! I forgot to put the beret back on...Sorry!" Scyez said, having somehow taken in her new form and size with grace and ease. "Hug to make it up?" She added, extending her arms outward in an invitation to hug. Scyez was a regular Lucario in every sense that correlated to appearance, right down to the spike on her chest that was capable of piercing my body with efficiency I happen to call momentum.

"No thanks...You know there's a metal spike on your chest, right?" I asked, expecting that she may have grown more sane with her Evolution.

"Yes, but it's not like it'll really hurt anyone if I don't want it to, right?" Scyez said, still eager to give and get a hug.

I was totally wrong on that sense. Ah, well, now it was all a matter of finding out where this train was heading, and Ghetsis, the Rocket's unwilling captive, was a likely candidate for such knowledge. From there, I could find a place unattractive and wild for the LZ Mario needed.

THAT WAS MY PLAN, FROM THE START. I had no clue what I'd be doing in between, my visions and odd mental re-corrections generally not caring for broad information updates on upcoming events, but focused upon short-term, lifesaving tidbits.

Of course, thereís always a complication.
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