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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
I originally thought it would, but I got talking to Esper about it. We can't really decide when exactly Radient Garden fell :/ In my mind, it happened a few years later--around the time this rp takes place. But did the fall really happen just a year after the events of BBS? Idk any more :/ What do u guys think?

Also... Where are all the rp-ers? Maybe I should start buggin people xD
I'm working on it. ^^''

As for the Radiant Garden thing, I think Leon said it was taken over nine years before the first game. I'm not completely sure, though. :\

Edit: I am putting Kaelie's SU here because I consider the later part of this to be the Discussion part. ^^''

Name: Kaelie Arueken

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Alignment: Dark (For now. If she defects to the Light I have an idea for a replacement who won’t. >:3)

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Kaelie is a boyish looking girl standing at 4’11 with dark skin (naturally, not caused by the Darkness), and keeps her short purple hair in a messy boy cut. Her eyes are a darker hue of red, with a yellow ring from back when the Darkness was corrupting her Heart. Because of her training there are countless scars covering her body, though none significant enough to stand out. She will only wear boy’s clothes, most of the time consisting of a hoodie, t-shirt, jeans, two different colored socks, and boots.

Personality: Kaelie has adopted a really boyish persona in order to protect herself from others. She isn’t comfortable about people knowing she’s a girl, and won’t tell anyone unless they are really close to her. If someone even suggests that she’s a girl she’ll turn into a mess as she tries to convince you otherwise to the point where you’ll know for a fact that she’s a girl.

Despite what you would believe because of her using the Darkness, Kaelie is actually a good person. She likes to play with other (often sports or sparring) and often makes jokes. Things like murder, torture, or senseless violence would out you on her hate list. Alas, she is blissfully unaware that is exactly what Masters Konran and Vanessa are causing, and is also unaware of the effects which the Darkness has on people.

She will only acquaint herself with people with a decent amount of Darkness in their hearts, not wanting to be “blinded by the Light.” When somebody with very little Darkness in their Hearts tries to talk to her, she will be detached and try to end the conversation until they just let her leave. This is made worse by everybody knowing that she’s a girl, although as long as that’s not brought up in a conversation she won’t think about how common the knowledge has become.

History: Kaelie comes from the World Dajonel, specifically the city Bakuren. There women were treated little better than livestock under the rule of the overlord Jerald Itami. They would be beaten for looking at a man wrong, and murdered without a second thought for stepping out of line. In order to feel safer in such a deadly environment she adopted the persona of a boy. Looking back on these times, she feels mixed feelings about the woman from that world; on one hand they were beaten or killed and what was wrong, but on the other they didn’t even try to defend themselves which made it hard for Kaelie to sympathies with them.

When she was away from home one day a woman named Konran came to her house and killed both of her parents. When Kaelie got home, Konran stopped her and offered to give her the chance to never have to fear anything again. It was an offer that Kaelie didn’t even need to think about, accepting it and being taken away from her world without ever learning that her parents were killed, or that she would have met the same fate if she had said no.

She quickly learned that Master Konran was a slight sexist having only taken in girls as apprentices, but she wasn’t nearly as bad as Jerald was. Even if she was, Kaelie wouldn’t care; she doesn’t know how good a lot of woman have it on most Worlds, and had even made it her goal to go to other worlds to help the women get better status in society. Some of the apprentices have told Kaelie that their Worlds weren’t that bad, but she remains skeptical until she gets to see them for herself.

The closest of Master Konran’s apprentices to Kaelie was the vampire girl Zalla Skullcrusher, and they were quite the pair. They are undoubtably the most kind of Master Konran’s apprentices and certainly being the most harassed; Kaelie for her boyish persona, and Zalla for her agelessness leaving her only physically 7 years old.

One day during training Zalla got into an “accident” where a Heartless managed to land several blows on her which would have left Zalla bleeding to death if Kaelie hadn’t found her. Kaelie instantly knew what had to be done; the vampires from the World Zalla was from had the unique ability to regenerate fresh wounds completely if they drank enough blood from a human. Kaelie passed out from the blood that was drank, but Zalla successfully healed most of the injuries except for her destroyed eye which would have involved killing Kaelie to fix.

Kaelie did indeed suffer long term effects from that, but she didn’t quite care about them. To be honest, they were all beneficial for her. Augmented strength, better eyesight at night, immunity to the Darkness corrupting her Heart, and even a new form for her Keyblade that she’s been using ever since were all benefits she gained from saving her friends life. She noticed that after that a few of her Master’s apprentices disappeared; it was said they went to another World where Master Konran was based.

One day a small amount of Darkness slipped out of Everlastia, and Master Konran jumped at the chance to act on it. Her Master was banished from that World, so she held some lingering resentment for the place. She decided to send her most competent weak apprentice to spy on the World, and that honor went Kaelie.

With the help of a Master from Everlastia named Vanessa, Kaelie was easily able to infiltrate the World. She’s gained quite the reputation there; because of her inability to pretend to be worse than she really is she is considered a prodigy by most of the Masters. To her peers she’s the “weird anti-social girl who dresses like a boy,” but to her amazement quite a few of them have accepted that that’s just who she is and don’t keep picking on her like Master Konran’s apprentices. Kaelie wasn’t going to fall for it, though. Master Konran had taught her about how those who use the Light act overwhelmingly nice in order to blind you from the truth, and she wasn’t going to fall for it. There were a few anomalies on the board which confused the girl, but aside from those there wasn’t anything on the World she felt like she could trust.

Keyblade: Pact of the Condemned: Surprisingly, a Keyblade from the Realm of Light. The guard is made up of two bones bent to create a complete circle around the x-shaped hilt which took Kaelie a whole year to learn to use properly. The blade looks like a bunch of blood pouring out of the hilt with two vampiric fangs emerging out of the blood. The Keychain is yet another fang.

Unlike any of the wielders who learned on Everlastia, Kaelie is capable of converting her Keyblade into a Glider. In this form it takes the appearance of a jet pack with three natural-looking boney wings sticking out each side of it. She has also mastered another ability that is scarcely seen in Everlastia; the ability to gauge how much Darkness is in other people’s Hearts.


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