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Default Re: Things You Hate in Music

What I hate about some music? The people that listen to it are so judgmental. So many people hate rap like it's not a unique form of storytelling over a beat. I never saw or figured out why many people dislike it.

Another thing I hate in music is mainstream. I strongly dislike when a good artist, mainly rapper, stays true to his/her roots rapping what is true and telling stories, but then gets to that level of success where they join mainstream and rap about sex/drugs/guns/etc. Sadly, this happened to the best of them: Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne, etc.

That's basically it. If you disagree with me on rap or why you hate it, reply to this or inbox me. It shows that you're not open to different genres if you hate it just to hate it, so give me a reason.
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