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Default Achievements

Achivements are simple - simply post here when you think you've completed one of these. You'd need to link to all the evidence to prove that you have indeed completed the task. When we approve your post, you'll be rewarded accordingly in one of ours posts, which you can then link to when collecting the prize.

For all battle related ones, DQs and forfeits do not count. You can only get one prize per achievement.

Super Hard

For every Super Hard achievement you complete, you will receive $30 and a Shiny Mon of choice with EXP level 2, 3, 4, or 8.
I Am Legend: Own at least 1 Legendary Pokemon.
MONSTER KILL: Win more than 5 battles in a row.
Even Steven: Finish a match with a draw. (Stuff like this won't count.)
Penny Pinching: Save up more than $2000 in the Bank.
151/151: Complete one of the Regional Dex (trades count, but only the Enhanced Sinnoh or Neo Johto apply to those regions).
It's a One-Hit KO!: Defeat an opponent in a single round. Does not include stuff like Explosion, Energy fainting, et cetera.
Born Lucky: Get more than five critical hits in a single battle (Moves that always critical don't count).
Signature Dueler: Have at least 20 Pokemon with approved signature moves.
Shiny Collector: Own at least 5 Shiny Pokemon.
To Train Them Is My Cause: Become the League Champion.
Come out Clean: Win 3 battles without having any Pokemon inflicted with status ailments (recovering from one doesn't count) or fainted.
David vs. Goliath: Defeat a Pokemon with 8 or 9 EXP using a Pokemon with 2 or 3 EXP
Ten Hit Combo: Use ten actions in a row without your Pokemon losing HP.
Won One-on-One by One: Win a 1 vs 1 battle by 1 HP. Wins involving DQs, Sturdy, Endure, ect will not count.
The Top Percentage: Win a battle using a Rattata with no self-imposed Stat increases.
Rock Wrecker: Defeat a Pokemon with a Rock Wrecker Ability that has a 4x weakness to either Rock or Ground, with at least 50% health remaining. There must be no help from switching.

For every Hard achievement you complete, you will receive $20 and a Mon of choice with EXP level 2, 3, 4, or 8):
Battle Specialist: Have your written Ref Test used.
Ranger Specialist: Have your written Ranger Test used.
Article Writer: Have your ASB Article used.
Business Conglomerate Mogul: Own more than 3 businesses in the Downtown.
Teenage Girl with a Credit Card: Spend more than $500 Downtown in one day.
Curbstomp: Defeat an opponent in two rounds. Does not include stuff like Explosion, Energy fainting, et cetera.
To Catch Them Is My Real Test: Defeat all the 3 star Gyms.
Super Sweeper: Win 10 battles with a single Pokemon.
Rivals: Complete 5 battles against the same person. None of them can be DQ.
Heart Breaker: Have your Pokemon successfully attack while infatuated five times. Must be against the same Pokemon; it is reset if they switch and use Attract with another Pokemon.


For every Medium achievement you complete, you will receive $20.
Ace Referee: Pass the Ref Test on your first try.
Ace Ranger: Pass the Ranger test on your first try.
Showin' Skills: Become Battle Table Leader.
ASB Artisan: Have 5 banners made by you used.
A Penny Saved...: Complete more than 15 Odd Jobs (including Polls).
Mother Hen: Hatch at least 3 eggs.
Capture Expert: Capture more than 9 Pokémon during one Adventure.
Buggin' Out: Find more than 9 "Bugs" in the Odd Jobs thread.
Boot to the Head: Win a battle within three rounds.
Like No One Ever Was: Defeat all the 2 star Gyms.
Matter over Mind: Knock out a Psychic type with a Fighting type.
Trading Obsession: Complete at least 10 trades (no trade backs).
Expert Business Owner: Have a business that gets 6 customers in one week.
A New Challenger Appears: Win your first ASB battle.
Money Maker: Obtain $200 within 7 days.
Beauty and the Beast: Own a Shiny Gyarados and a Shiny Milotic.

For every Easy achievement you complete, you will receive $10.
Capture Specialist: Capture more than 4 Pokémon during one Adventure.**
Climbing the Family Tree: Complete an evolution family that branches.
Move Tutor: Create at least 10 different approved Signature Moves.
Mind Hacker: Defeat a Dark-type Pokemon using a Psychic-type Pokemon.
Fisherman: Have at least 6 different Water Type Pokemon.
Sketcher: Win a battle using a Smeargle (must significantly participate).
Tasting the Best: Spend money at five or more stores in one 24 hour period.
Gardener: Own at least 6 different Grass Type Pokemon.
Kindler: Own at least 6 different Fire Type Pokemon.
Magician: Own at least 6 different Psychic Type Pokemon.
Dragon Tamer: Own at least 6 different Dragon Type Pokemon.
Everytype: Have at least one of every type of Pokemon without overlaping.
New Business Owner: Have a business that gets 3 customers in one week
Join the Party: Complete the Bring a Friend incentive.**
Imposter Professor: Possess a set of starter Pokémon at one time.
I Wanna Be the Very Best: Defeat all the 1 star Gyms.
Trading Mania: Complete at least 5 trades, no trade backs count.
Grammar Nazi: Correct a Referee/Ranger's grammar at least 5 times.
Join Team: In order to join a team, collect all the Pokémon listed under a team header. You are only permitted to join ONE team per account. Those Pokémon may NOT be used with another user to complete a team achievement.

Team Rocket:
Nidoking with Poison Point
Nidoqueen with Poison Point
Kangskhan with Scrappy

Team Aqua:
Male Sharpedo with Rough Skin
Male Masquerain

Team Magma:
Male Camerupt with Magma Armor

Team Galactic:
Male Honchkrow with Insomnia
Male Crobat with Inner Focus
Male Gyarados with Intimidate
Male Weavile with Pressure
Male Probopass
Magnezone with Magnet Pull

Team Plasma:
Male Cofagrigus with Mummy
Male Bouffalant with Reckless
Male Sesmitoad with Swift Swim
Male Hydregion with Levitate
Male Bisharp with Defiant
Male Eelektross with Levitate
**Only applies if completed after 9/28/2011
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